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 Ten Shekels and a Shirt by Paris Reidhead

Topic: Humanism
Scripture(s): Judges 17  
Description: Paris Reidhead preaches what could be called one of the most influential sermons of the 20th century. The real point of this sermon is an indictment of individuals and organizations practising humanism behind a mask of Christianity! "This sermon should be preached on a regular basis in every church in America!"
Sermon Comments (76)

 Life Changing Sermon 
Do you love the Lord or do you love this passing world, you cannot love both.

 The greatest sermon of all time 
Hello all, I have heard this life changing message almost 20 times. I love this timeless classic. Yes, this is no doubt a great sermon. But there is one other sermon that I personally consider to be far more powerful in bringing one to repentance. It is Dr. Tozer's message-Plague of the heart. Every time I hear it, there is a shockwave going through my inner being. It is total, ultimate. Another very powerful message is Bro. Art Katz's 'And they crucified Him'. My own list of best sermons on this great treasure house (sermon index): 1. Plague of the heart - Dr. A.W. Tozer (just 1832 downloads!) 2. Ten shekels and a shirt - Paris Reidhead (160877 downloads) 3. And they crucified Him - Art Katz (12640 downloads) 4. Against false prophets - Art Katz (7096 downloads) 5. A burning heart - Bro. Leonard Ravenhill (52940 downloads) 6. Abiding in Christ - Paris Reidhead (9669 downloads) 7. A gospel of slaughter - Carter Conlon (13543 downloads) 8. The G-d Who devastates - Art Katz

"May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of his suffering." – Two Moravian Missionaries

 Words of Life 
The message by Paris Reidhead,"Ten shekels and a shirt" I believe has on it the mark of Cross. So little of what we hear from the pulpit today bears that mark. Oh where can be found men and women today who truly desire to die to their plans their ambitions their reputation and all that is of the self-life that they may find His!

Wow this was paradigm shifting, life changing, world altering. Never have I heard a sermon preached from this viewpoint. This really brought back into perspective the true power of God. We think of God as this omniscient being who is basically a slave to our problems, that created us only so He can help us solve our problems; this couldn't be more wrong. We need to start to see once again how much we owe God. That we need to give up our lives for Him because that is the only way that we can truly even be worthy of the gifts that He gives us.

Rarely does a sermon pull at some very deep roots of unseen self-centerdness in me, forcing me to look closely at even my motive for coming to God and inviting others to him. Much praying and self searching to do......

 Total dedication to God 
Paris Reidhead said he had not prepared to deliver this sermon. The majority of the things he said came to him while he was on the pulpit. To be unprepared and yet deliver one of the greatest recorded sermons shows that if we yield completely to God, he would do much better with our lives than we can ever hope to do ourselves. God bless you brethren.

 How to download 
Right click right above the player (but in the same window) and select Save As... It will save the teaching as an MP3 in your downloads or wherever you like.

 Completely broken 
When I'd first heard this message about a year and a half ago I was floored by the power and anointing that saturated this timeless message. I was broken and convicted of drifting away from this very principle. It's all for Him. It's not about heaven, not about blessing, not about personal empowerment...It's ALL about the glory of God through Jesus Christ our Saviour! How could I have been so blind! Lord please keep me from this self-deception and be always be wary of the enemy that's constantly trying to cloud our minds with the very same self serving deception he used from the beginning. God bless his Bride in Jesus name.

Does anyone know how to download this? It just takes me to another window and plays it with a small player.

 More than what the Description says! 
This preacher has the Awsome Power of God on him, felt through every word of this powerful sermon. I have listened for the third time and am humbled even more,by how undeserving I am, and that God loved me so much HE SAVED a miserable wretch like me. Praise HIS HOLY Name!!

 Certainly THE BEST Message EVER 
Totally stunned by the message. Really brought out the key concept of DYING TO SELF in EVERYTHING so that God might receive Glory out of our lives and not merely using the Lord as a means. The key statement for me:Lord Jesus Im going to serve You & love You & obey You even if I go to Hell at the end of road simply cause You are worthy to be loved, served & obeyed & Im not trying to make deal with You.CLASSIC!

THIS is what Christianity is all about! If someone who doubts his believe or even fellow brothers and sisters did not get anything, they better should get THIS (sermons message). Beware though, the first time I heard it I got a little bit scared.

 Fire to Warm the Heart for completing the Commission Unfinished Task 
It was my privilege to know and work with Paris Reidhead for over 12 years. He is a missionary statesman and pioneered in 1969 the business/ministry micro-finance development movement worldwide. He was the founder of numerous micto-finance ministries such as Opportunity International, Transformation International, Enterprise Development and endPoverty and inspiredc countless more. Today multi-million dollar loan and savings funds bringing the love of Christ and a future with hope to millions of families around the world and these will go on multiplying until the Lord comes. The following describes Paris Reidhead's vision and its application to bring the message of Christ and hope to people aroound the world: A Great Commission Accelerator---A Strategic Priority Issue The capacity of the Church in developing nations to be self supporting and self propagating is one of the most crucial issues we can address in the context of accelerating fulfillment of the Great Commissio

 Very moving 
In this sermon, I heard the Heart of God and the Desire of the Ages. Thank you.

 Fundamentalism's Sickness Diagnosed! 
I heard about this sermon a lot before I listened to it, and am very glad that I did. Bro. Paris here unmasks the philosphy that is destroying Christianity. He has rightly weilded the sword of truth in showing us that there is a lot of humanism in fundamentalism today! The best part of the sermon is how it gives Glory to God Who is the only One worthy of such Glory. Praise God for truth.

Best i ever heard. Thanks.

 A must listen  
for any Christian who is serious about following God.

 This is a powerful sermon. 
I think Paris is on the money with this sermon.I dont see humanism preached where I am at because I beleive people of this day have no desire to hear it.We need sermons like this to keep us on track.

 Praise God 
Praise God for someone with open eyes on Americas State.

 God's Message 
Paris may have preached this but it is God's message. I recognize His voice.

 Absolutely Amazing 
This is a message the entire church needs to hear for His sake. We have it all backwards. God help us to see from your perspective.

 The End of all beings is the glory of God, period!!! 
This is one of the best messages I've ever listened. I've listened to it so many times and each time it's powerful. After listening to this message, you will never ever settle for the prospertity gospel and their speakers anymore. Paris Reidhead preached this message with a passion, giving us history lesson that is eye opening. He brings us back to the heart beat of christianity, the glory of God. One of the compelling lines in this preaching, "Why should a person be willing to go, in identification, down to the cross and into the tomb and up again? BECAUSE IT'S THE ONLY WAY THAT GOD CAN GET GLORY OUT OF A HUMAN BEING".

 Spine Chilling... 
This sermon sent shivers down my spine, and the Word of God made me tremble while hearing this sermon. I prayed and pondered about this message, and I learned an essential truth: GOD WILL NOT BE USED AS A MEANS TO FULFILL MAN'S ENDS. "The end of all being is not the deification of man, but the glorification of God." (Reidhead)

 Mountain of a sermon 
This is quite possibly the most important sermon preached in the entire 20th century. It's relevancy grows more and more as the years go by. This sermon should be read aloud in every church in America. This one sermon changed my life. I went to church for many years an unsaved person, not knowing it. This message changed all that. It revealed my wicked heart to me, and absolutely broke me. It's been years and I still can't get this message out of my heart and head.

 my favorite sermon 
This is unbelievable. I liked it so much i handed out many of these sermons to all that i knew from some blessed ministries who gave me the material to give. You must listen to this. Out of all the sermons i listened to this must be the best.

 A Real Timeless Classic 
I have heard this sermon so many times that I am still amazed by its power on every new hearing. The Holy Spirit indeed flows through all those who are eager to learn and understand the words Paris presents in this blessed sermon. This sermon has more meaning the further so called Christians decide on what God wants from them based on their own humanist ideology. Soak in the truth, the power and the glory as Christ speaks through his faithful servant, Paris. Enjoy !!!

 Ten Shekels and a Shirt 
Reidhead speaks on pragmatism – the teaching that whatever means brings results is considered to be good. According to this teaching, Old Testament preachers and Christ would be considered failures because their efforts did not produce tremendous results numerically. They served only to please God. Reidhead challenges ministers to preach not for the purpose of numbers but the purpose of obeying and glorifying God. Reidhead expounds on the definition of humanism, it’s origin, it’s various forms, how it has infiltrated Christianity, and the resulting condition of the church. He shows how humanism has affected modern preaching in comparison to preaching of centuries ago and how this is preventing evangelism. He also challenges Christians to consider the motives for their service to God, whether it is for personal glory or even for the sake of mankind’s betterment, or if it is for the glory of God and for the sake that Christ would receive the rightful reward for his suffering.

 I still credit this message w changing my ministry 
I first heard Ten Shekels in 1989. I literally wept in repentance. For weeks everywhere I went the theme of this message oozed out of me. Now after 20 years I still think it might be the most impacting message I've ever heard. Everyone needs to listen to this one.

 Every Believer needs to know 
Thank you for Paris Reidhead's pointed message on Ten Shekels and a Shirt. I was brought to complete awareness that the way I was led to the Savior was completely humanistic---and the way I led many others was the same. Praise GOD, He knows the heart--but I am encouraging believers to make their commitment "right" by honoring the only true GOD, worthy to be praised, loved and obeyed because HE is!!!!! G.A.

 Ten Shekels and a Shirt 
That was the best sermon that I have ever hear

This sermon is definately some annointed preaching. Two things resound heavily in me afterwards ... The fact that we cannot USE God... He is not the means , but the The second thing that is resounding heavily with me is we truly must have the attitude of loveing , serveing and be as obedient as all our possible effort can help us to be ...whether we end up in hell or not..because we deserve it and He deserves our full obedience just because He is God . Salvation cannot be just from a motive to escape hell, it must be to give God glory. What I gained from this sermon will never leave me .

The first time I listened to this it devastated me on how powerfully and clearly the problems of modern Christianity were exposed and forcefullness of the gospel. The second time I listened to it I actually got a hold of difference between biblical repentence and humanistic repentence. This sermon helped tie alot of loose ends together in my biblical understanding of Salvation and repentence.

At the practical level: I and others that attend the local church see the recent disturbing events here more clearly. We are encouraed in examining ourselves and in prayer and are now asked to lead in prayer for the call committee. Oh that this would be required lisening for a possible pastor, part of the application process. Other thoughts: #1 One reason for thinking with Reidhead that God cannot-did he say "bless/use?"- the ones who see Jesus/God as a means, is that God already did not. Wasn't that how Judas viewed Him, as a tool, his immagined king? I thank God that Peter's heart was different. #2 The nature of conviction that leads to repentance includes that conviction occurs at the end of the trial when there is no escape. The crime is seen for what it is AND the end of it (judgement, punishment)is seen and graps hold of us. This message shines a lazer light on the horror of using Christ along with the horror of refusing Him the reward of His suffering.

Any person in the ministry should be required to listen to this message on a weekly basis. Tremendous burning truths from a burning heart. May God use it to fan into flame even greater fire in those who hear it!

 It changed my life... 
Or I should say, God used this sermon to change my life. Many people have a problem with Paris saying that Christ "suffered the agonies of hell". Even the apostle's creed acknowledges this language, not because Christ actually went to hell, but that during his passion he endured all of the elements of torture that his elect would have faced in hell - physical, mental, and emotional torment; darkness, and separation from the gracious face of God who had, according to Jesus' experience, forsaken him. Christ did not suffer IN hell, but suffered the agonies OF hell.

 Worthy is the Lamb who was slain!!! 
This simple phrase in Revelation jumped off the pages at me a couple of years ago. It is simple yet powerful truth. From that point on I tried (and failed a lot) to never to pray in terms of salvation for the lost soul for their benefit but because Christ is worthy of THEM, because HE paid the price. And not to forget that this price was paid at the request of the FATHER OUT OF LOVE, because He loved us first. How humbling it is to live in this truth. Humanism is a just collective 'self'. The Pharisees saw the Messiah as someone who would come & deliver them from their oppression for their happiness...and we do the exact same thing today with salvation...salvation is for our benefit and our happiness. The shame of it. This sermon brought this truth home many years ago, and I'm humbled by it.

 Excellent sermon 
Excellent sermon, a lot of things to learn spiritually. Thank you JESUS.

 wake up call 
this was an amazing sermon, and yet also saddening because after this i would go to big outreach youth events and not even hear the gospel. the western church needs a change, Australia needs it just as much as America. we truly need to jump in the boot of our lives and give the keys to Jesus. we need to cast off humanism and our compromises to be more accepted to the world and tell the gospel as it is.

 The Holy Ghost Spoke to Us All! 
This message was God's warning to the church here in America, and is a warning to each of our hearts. Every sentence is Yeah and Amen, and will drive all Christ lovers to their knees in repentance. Please listen carefully to this message, -with full concentration. When we consider that this was preached about 50 years ago, and look at the strengthened apostacy today, we see how a loving God used Brother Reidhead as a vessel to remind all to work out their salvation with fear and trembling! I would encourage everyone who hears this sermon to hear it many times over. I can't count anymore the amount of times I have heard it through the years, -and was shown things about my own motives. I too say, "May the Lamb of God be rewarded for His suffering", may we always consider that to live is Christ.

 God is SO patient! 
Lately in my Christian walk the Lord has really been challenging me with a question: "What does it mean to be a Christian?" In other words, WHY do we share the gospel? Is it to gain notches in our Bibles for each "sinner" who says the "sinner's prayer", like the gunmen in the old American west would notch their guns for each victim they killed? Is it a message leading to a better life, as so many seem to be preaching today, with John 10:10 as their text? I have been challenged in the past year with the realization that the Cross is not a call to an "abundant life" (the happiness of men) but rather a call to death - Galatians 2:20. It is not "what's in it for me", but rather to create Christ in me, the hope of glory. Now I finally listen to this message that has been mentioned to me several times, and it fits right in with where God has me at this point! Is His timing perfect, or what?

 Liaison's Tech Chat 
It is so true today : So many have a form of Godliness But Deny The Power of Him - Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is awesome to see so many standing for Truth against the evils that Satan has hurrled at this World and those that so "choose" to follow after it. Keep on Standing for Truth !! Rob Liaison Help Centre Canada

 History of This Sermon 
In case you were wondering, here is a brief history of this sermon. Paris was invited to preach at Bethany Missionary Church (Bethany Fellowship) in Bloomington, MN. He had been there many times. It was their "Deeper Life" seminar (one of 4 seminars held annually). The year was 1964. Paris was apparently unsure of what to preach and had been thinking about this message for some time. In the morning before church he sat at the main dining hall (where the entire fellowship ate each meal). There he scribbled the notes on a napkin. He preached the message. There was no unusual response at the time to his preaching. There were many "giants" at the time at Bethany Fellowship, T.A. Hegre, Harold Brokke, later came Leonard Ravenhill (Harold's wife nursed Leonard back to health after he broke his back). Later it was Harry Conn who requested a copy of the message to begin distributing it. I personally have heard this sermon over 100 times and still his floors me.

When I hear a sermon like this,I want to fall on my face and cry. Have I ever done one thing for God that I didn't wany something in return. God has been showing me America's sin and the curses that are upon us. Oh lord send us real men sold out to you. We can still pull some out of the fire before God passes judgement on America.

 Still My Favorite Sermon after 25 Years!! 
I was blessed & privileged to hear this message for the first time as a 9 year old girl. It made an incredible impact on my life, and never fails to bless me, though I've listened to it literally hundreds of times! It is a convicting and soul searching impassioned message to the Church! I thank God for Bro. Reidhead's ministry and the truths he so stedfastly preached and taught. God has used this message on many occasions to draw me closer to Himself. THANK YOU for making it available here!! I am not surprised it is the most downloaded message!

 Amazing Revelation! 
This message is so awesome because it digs deep into what it means to be an 'unsactified human being' motivated by self, working for self under the pretence of doing it for God. Reidhead conveys this theme expertly and powerfully against the backdrop of the evolving (but old) ideology that we call humanism, and by telling the story of a self-seeking minister from the Old Testament. The conclusion is a riveting message wich contronts our generation and denounces spirit of the anti-Chirst, the spirit that says I am God, I'll live for my benefit.

 For the glory of the Lamb that was slain... 
My grown 20-something children introduced me to this sermon. They said it "rocked their world!" I listened and wept at my selfishness in seeking God's blessing for me and my issues and at the strong call it gave for us to live for His Name, for His fame, for His acclaim. I shared the sermon with my dad, a preacher for 50-plus years and it knocked his socks off! He just called to tell me it was the most challenging message he'd heard in a long time and that he has already listened to it several times. The generations are being challenged!

 Knocked Down 
Thank you so much my brother Paris Reidhead for bringing a word that touches the deepest part of a soul. Flat on the ground i lay as i so desperetly desire the clear view of my humanistic behavior so Chist may fill those areas.

 Great Sermon! but 
Very passionate sermon! But were in the Bible does it say that Jesus suffered in hell? I've heard this preached before but could not be shown were in the Bible it was. I could totally understand it if it were in the Bible. Did God forget to put so important of a fact in the Bible? I think not, my perception of Jesus in hell is him preaching in hell, kicking the gates open and leading the Saints of old onto glory! Why was this sermon so great with that big but in it? I've asked God many times is this true but got no witness from God. It seems to me that if it were true it would be practical but it's just not in the word.

 Whats is you Philosophy of evangelism? 
May the lamb that was slain receive the reward for His suffering!!! Very challenging.

This sermon captured my attention more than any I had heard before! I've listened to it over 20 times, and HIGHLY recommend it to ALL Christians, especially leaders! I was led to examine my motives. Thank you Sermonindex!

 two thumbs up! 
I thought this was a great message. We need to hear more of the "old time Messages" that are not "Wattered down". I thank God for this website. Janspi

This will set your heart on fire and give you a fresh vision for ministry!

Life-changing. I've been reading alot lately and found parts of my so-called walk in the legalist camp, part in the gnostic camp, and part in the humanist camp. I was no good to anyone. Thank you Father for this sermon on this day for this man. Brothers and sisters, we must be careful who we read these days. Some very inteligent people are getting confused in an effort to engage the post-modern culture and are being lead very far from the will of God. The salt loses its saltiness (taste and ability to preserve). This sermon is definitely salty.

 Thank You Paris Reidhead for changing this humanist 
Its sad to find a sermon like this and seeing that its the one that is most listned to.......Why do I say this?? Because I know many churches are practicing the stench of humanism. Why did you come to Christ? Why do you go to church? Why do you read the word? Why do you pray? May this sermon show you why. Thought provoking sermon one that changed my life, hope it does the same for you.

 What a revelation 
Exposes humanism and I didn't even know I was guilty. Everyone should hear this. We have been indoctrinated into humanism and don't even know it. This sermon changed how I see my service to God. An awesom lesson and an awesom listen.

 For HIS honor... 
'May the Lamb that was slain, receive the reward of His suffering'. So states the new abiding song of my heart...

 life changing 
This is the sermon that God used to birth in me after 25 yrs of faithfull church going. He used this sermon to wake me up, into a revelation of God, and the game that I was playing.

I understand why this message has been downloaded over 30,000 times. It is TRUTH stated in its purest form. God is all and deserves all!!

 Saved and now Converted 
After leaving the Church in which i had been baptized and educated, i became a Born again Christian, and found that although i had not one regret at the change which by Gods Grace i was brought to, there was still something missing when i attended a born again Christian Church(es) and even spent a year at a bible college which i loved. Again and Again i found the question, Where is the Holyness??? was persistant in my spirit, but i sort off settled for well i'm saved by Grace and maybe thats it , its all i need! never being convinced, still seeking and asking and listening and wandering away at times. recently i began a more concentrated searching and have had the priviledge to find the great sermons listed in this room. it is for me a wonderful education, and most recently i have begun listening to Paris Riedhead sermons ( ten sheckels and a shirt being the latest one, and truly i am saying that i have been so personaly challenged, and so amazed and gratefull,with tears, that at last

 my favorite sermon of all time 
I heard this sermon years ago when it was on casset and had lost the copy i had. today on a wim I searched the title and found it . It is still as powerful as I remembered and just as timely if not more so in our day of me me me we all need to be reminded that our purpose is " that the lamb who was slaine might recieve the reward of His suffering"

 Volcanic Eruption 
This sermon is so powerful. There is so many different angles on things that I have never heard brought up. Reidhead and many other firecrackers like him so often mentioned Wesley. I don't even think we know who John Wesley was or what he preached, but it seems Reidhead did. Someone asked me about the excerpt of this sermon on 'Revival Hymn,' and when I told him it was Paris Reidhead, his reply was classic: 'That guy's a hoss.' This message gets right down into your spirit and questions the motives of all we do.

The time for semi commitment to Christ is over. The church needs to hear this message ... over and over again, until she not only hears to it, but lives it. If Christ is glorified in our lives, and we live holy and surrendered lives, preaching and living the Gospel, then the lost will see that He is real. Glory to God for this wonderful message - I feel I should make loads of copies and give them out to people in my fellowship.

 Shaped my life more than any other sermon 
A well needed rebuke to all christians who seek the Lord only for self satisfaction. I have listened to this sermon probably 100 or more times.

 A truly anointed message 
I would rate this message with 10 stars if that were available. I dowloaded it yesterday and have listened to it twice today.

 God's glory 

He words showed you yourself. mad you know what you heart is thinking. i think everyone should hear this sermon.

 the danger of self-deception 
It did not FEEL wrong to the Levite to make the choices that he made. In fact, to his conscience, his decisions were wise. That reminds me of the many ministers who think their similar choices are wise. To them it makes sense to get a good job in a church with a decent salary. It makes sense to go for the biggest ministry available. To them, letting the church folk compromise with the ways of the world does NOT FEEL wrong. In fact, that's exactly what they are hired to do - and everyone feels happy. They say he is a great pastor - because he conforms to their expecations. He is their "priest" - just like they want - and they can have the best of both worlds - they think. This message - using a bilical account - is an excellent way of awakening one's conscience to sin - IN GOD'S EYES.

This sermon blew me away. The very heart beat of the sermon was that of ultimate purpose and reason. A question we all must answer at sometime in our christian lives and thats one of ,"why am I serving the Lord in this or that". The answer to that question is the sum total to all our theology and understanding into who Jesus is and how He is to be fleshed out or expressed in this life.

 Something True 
I fear I have to defend this sermon. Brio's response identifies that he either did not understand or did not fully listen to the sermon as a whole, specifically minutes 30-36. It does not describe Jesus as Humanist, and this is the point of the sermon. Serve God or serve man. Glorify God or dieify man. Jesus WAS God, and served the Father to the fullest. What a wonderful and potent sermon this is, and a powerfully related tool to much of what is being taught in my particular region today.

I registered just to rate this fine sermon! This message is exactly what the Church needs today. A correcting balance to the seeker sensitive Piper/Warren writ. **Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. Ecc 12:13.

Paris Reidhead makes a point to say, "Who do you serve?" This is a powerful, incredible sermon.

 Can I get some grace with that? 
I cannot take away from Reidhead, who is a fellow man seeking after God. But I fear this one sermon can be hijacked and used as a tool for extremism. Jesus, the manifestation and the very being of God walking on earth, did not appear to be such an anti-humanizer as this sermon bills God to be. Humanism as an extreme is indeed dangerous and sinful, but in review of Jesus' life, you can find him to be what Reidhead may consider a humanist. Jesus preached the Gospel of life... the gospel of leaving your former life for one of God's purpose, one full of life, full of vitality, full of reason to live. Jesus wept. Humanism!! No, maybe just realness. Perhaps many of the inherent truths of Jesus and Christianity are so convincing because they are so real. God, our Father, cares so much for us. And get this: he desires mercy, not sacrifice. (And didn't Jesus tell the Pharisees to go look into what that means!) He desires us to love him back and care about others, not just make so

 It did change my life, however... 
This is a wonderful message. It did have a significant impact on me, even though the Holy Spirit has been leading me this way for some time now. I only had a problem with one line, that being that Jesus "suffered in hell". That is absolutely not scriptural or factual.

 The message for this generation. 
This message really brings a message from the Holy Spirit to this generation. It was preached once and never again, and the impact of this message in recorded form has been phenominal. Many people have been saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost for service in Gods Kingdom. Don't be slack listen to this sermon today! and tommorow and the next day until its spiritual truth impacts and changes your life.

 Greatest sermon of all time 
The caliber of this sermon is simply outstanding, and I know very few that I would say are close to equal. This sermon radically challenges the trend of Christianity over the last few years that is very man centered, and calls us to again take up Christ centered Christianity.

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