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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  Dangerous Shepards

 Dangerous Shepards by Carter Conlon

Topic: Shepards
Scripture(s): Ezekiel 34:1-16,Jeremiah 23:18,John 10  
Description: This message is best described as how to identify dangerous, self-seeking shepherds, as the Bible describes in the scriptures. Where is the recognition of the seriousness and soberness of the high calling of being a shepherd to the sheep of God? Too many take it lightly and the sheep are scattered and wounded as a result, and often destroyed.
Sermon Comments (3)

We live in a day and time, that their are false prophets and Shepherds abounding everywhere. It behooves us as Christians to listen to the Word of God, and ask Him for decernment to hear. He is coming for His bride. Praise His Holy Name!

Oh, that the entire Christian world... at least in America... would hear this and take it to heart. Hear this and hear the heart of God on this issue.

 A Feast Before The Lord 
When ministers should be laying out a feast of the Word, often they are feasting on the flock. Carter exposes those shepards in this message.

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