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Audio Sermons : Paris Reidhead :  Except Ye Repent

 Except Ye Repent by Paris Reidhead

Topic: Repentance
Scripture(s): Luke 13:3-5, John 6:54, Hebrews 2:3  
Description: Brother Reidhead addresses many of the sayings of Christ and Paul that cut the most, and the modern errors of thinking that do not show fruit of these verses and concepts; namely: repentance, submission, fellowship with God, and stedfast faith. "Are you prepared to pray in accord with this sovereign and gracious operation of God? If you are then you're going to change your praying. Instead of saying, initially, 'Lord, save Him,' you're going to say, 'Lord, slay him. Bring him to the awareness of his desperate plight. Awaken him to his danger. Convict him of his crimes.'"
Sermon Comments (12)

 Truly a worthy sermon 
Repentance is a very profound word, that needs to be ponder intensely. Mr. Reidhead is a man after God's own heart; thank you Lord for this tremendous vessel you inspire us with...

Powerful, powerful sermon. I have tried to get many people to listen to it, this message is so much needed today. A good listen if you're saved, a good listen if you're struggling with your salvation. Everyone should listen.

 Question for Listeners 
Twenty-seven minutes into the audio, Reidhead mentions a sermon by Charles Spurgeon on the passage of Psalm 7, which says, "God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day. If he turn not, he will whet his sword; he hath bent his bow, and made it ready." Does anybody know the name of this sermon, and if so, where can one find it? By the way, "Except Ye Repent" is scriptural and edifying! A MUST-listen!

 very good 
I believe that the holy spirit in paris's life than most christians i have known. In all his sermons and books it is so moving and right on. He is a true man of God who reveals stuff to me that i never knew. Listen to this man of God you will not be dissapointed by any of his sermons.

 Does The Lord Know YOU? 
SCRIPTURE: Matthew 5.20; Luke 13.3,5; Matthew 18.3; John 6.53; and John 3.3,7. I NOW know the true meaning of repentance. God' blessings as you listen to this anointed man of God, who now is seated with the Father in heaven, I have no doubt.

 Exceptionally profound! 
This is a Reidhead classic, for sure. Paris hits a lot of good points. The message content contains his usual emphasis: true repentance, true conversion, etc. This is one of his best. Definately WELL WORTH the listen!

 "Slay Him God!!!" 
Yes,I HAVE prayed with intensity for God to "slay" the ones that I have loved and desperately wanted to see them KNOW the Glory and Greatness of God, rather than to see them lost and empty in the comforts of this world. When we envision OURSELVES in the horror of destruction that the lost are doomed for, then we will cry out to God to do WHATEVER it takes to confront and ARREST the attention of their hearts!!!

 Best sermon about repentance 
Best one I've ever heard

 His prophesying on the future of America was true 
This is a very condensed version of a number of sermons I have already heard. The points he quite rightly declares are individually very poignant, and eloquently delivered; and there is no doubting his sincerity and concern. I would,though humbly suggest that to the 21st Century television and media-saturated church mindset this would be hard to assimiltate in one sermon. We have reached the "itching ears" generation who only hear what they want to hear( and as he quite rightly says, do what THEY want to do. Again he challenges the professing church to honestly examine these essential truths,relating that Tozer had estimated that only 20% of professing christians are genuine. These truths do need to be expounded but preaching like this may not be the most effective vehicle these days.

 Blow the Trumpet! 
This is a very needed message today.

Not a better sermon on the true path to sure salvation.

 get ready 
praise God!!! PR can preach like no other. This is an awesome message that is good the whole way thru. Amen!!

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