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Audio Sermons : Art Katz :  Mark of a True Prophet

 Mark of a True Prophet by Art Katz

Topic: Prophet
Description: If the church is not a prophetic church, it is not the church at all. A message that touches on the prophetic call by examining the prototypical lives of the prophets and particularly Jeremiah.
Sermon Comments (2)

Weighty and powerful . . . listen and be alerted.

Anyone who believes they have a call to prophetic ministry must listen to this man speak on this topic. This is a good sermon to start with. We have got to come back to what the WORD says a prophet is, not what our psuedo-prophets are saying it is! This really is a central issue to christianity today. Missing this, we miss most everything, for if we are not a church that confronts itself and the world, then what are we? Charismatic and goofy, that's all.

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