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Audio Sermons : Major Ian Thomas :  A Grain of Wheat

 A Grain of Wheat by Major Ian Thomas

Topic: Death To Self
Scripture(s): John 12:24  
Description: Where in the life of Christ was one hour of more significance than another? Throughout the New Testament we read of occasions when Jesus' enemies tried to kill him, but were prevented because "His hour had not yet come." What is this "hour" of which the Scriptures speak? Major Ian Thomas says, "It is the hour without which the Lord Jesus would have been born to live in vain." He uses John 12:24, in several translations, to describe the hour on which our salvation rests.
Sermon Comments (20)

 @LawrenceQ "Truth" 
God is truth and truth is found only in Him. The only way to understand truth is by the Holy Ghost, Who has to reveal to you the truth and give you an understanding of it. He only gives the truth to those who have a love for the truth and a desire for it. When God gives you truth and an understanding of that truth, He in fact is revealing a part of Himself to you. This is what truth is. God revealing Himself to man.

 The key to the divine nature of Christ 
Tears were streaming down my face when my wife came into ask me to loosen a lid of a jar and he was only half way through. Obviously this message is not just for the evangelist but is essential for all ministry, the apostle prophet teacher and pastor and everyone else with a call of God in their life which is all of us. Regards Oskar

 God's Ways 
God's ways are truly much higher then our ways. To the human mind this is hard to understand. Thank you God for Your Inspired Word.

 A message worthy of an OT Hebrew prophet 
This is present truth for the Lord's church, to this answers the scripture "The stone that the builders rejected is become the head of the corner". It is a "stone of stumbling and a rock of offence" but it is the Way, the Truth and the Life. God is restoring truth that has been lost or disallowed for such a time as this. "I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it". A message worthy of an OT Hebrew prophet.


 So very deep! 
This surely is the deep heart of God. I will have to listen again and maybe again and again to take it all in. Glory to God for SI and all these wonderful sermons that take us to know our Savior more intimately. All glory to God!

"Lordship Salvation" - from a grain of wheat? Yes. God's truths are eternal.

 8 or 9 times now 
Are how many replays I have done on this sermon...listen for sure. To die for Christ...what a lofty vision, what a perfect goal.

Truly inviting to press on, follow and understand fully our place in Christ...! It is a sermon for me that I need to hear again. Its not a one timer or one hit is one for your sermon file or Mp3 player. I sense a great urge and unction in M.I. Thomas through the yielding of the Holy Spirit. Thanks for posting this as the sermon of the month...truly Gods providence is in it.

I read his book The Saving Life Of Christ last year, one of the best books I have ever read. Funnily enough I just picked up his book off the bookshelf again last week & my husband & myself have started to read it. It is so opposite to what we are taught today. We are told to use our talents, to think highly of ourselves etc. My husband & I are presently at the place in our christian walk, where we know that is what God is saying to us, we are waiting on Him. He alone is worthy!

 A message of tremendous depth. 
When I read the previous comments, I thought they may have overstated the value of the message, but discovered just the reverse. This is a must "listen to" for anyone who is seeking to know how God has made the way for us to enter in to the abundant life of Jesus Christ in the here and now!

Amazing sermon. Speaking the eternal truths of God trancends all traditions and cultures. Oh that the Word of God would reign again in our pulpits!

 Absolutely, clearly given by God! 
I have listened to this at least 3 times in the past week and each time it is as if it almost were the first time and always refreshingly freeing to be available to God. This is just the first of several I have listened to just this week..over and over. God has blessed us with this site that offers such riches.

 All there is of you, is all there is of Him (Jesus)! 
I attended a retreat in burchgarden with Maj. Ian Thomas as one of the key note speakers. I purchased his book and he wrote the above note in the front leaf of the book. I have often looked at this and wondered what exactly he was trying to say exactly. He has always been very thought provoking. It is to my credit that I have met Him, and my displeasure that I do not know him personally. My highest regard for his intelect and life for Jesus. James Wardrope [email protected]

 The Way of God! 
"The Way of God" is much different then "the way of men". Oh to realize the fact that to die is to live! To be dead is to be Alive! Oh for the resurrection power of God to be in our life's afresh and anew.

 Grain of Wheat 
Wonderful!!! Wonderful teaching sermon quote: "The life that he lived qualified him for the death that he died; The dead that he died qualifies you to receive the life that he lived." "This is the genius of the gospel," "this is the true Christian life." With earnest, and heartwarming humor this message crys eternal truths.

Life changing truth for any believer!

 So profound 
This is a prophet, a man speaking from the heart of God...These are gems of Truth from God to his children

 A Grain of Wheat 
Thank you i really enjoyed that it was what i needed to hear,it did my heart good. I will listern to it again sometime, it has lifted me up know end. From your sister in Christ Jesus Margaret

 One of the Best Sermons You'll Ever Hear! 
This message by Ian Thomas has thouroughly impacted my life. I have listened to it more than a hundred times over the last two years and I can't hear it enough. Give it a listen, then hear it again, and again, and again...

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