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 Paul Rejoices Over Preaching by Enemies by John R. Rice

Description: "I'm saying it's so easy for us to get that way about it. We get so busy separating from good Christians we never mind about the devil's crowd. . . . no time to call old sinners to repentance and get drunkards and harlots and infidels saved. We're busy 'defending the faith,' you know. With Paul the furtherance of the gospel is the main thing."
Sermon Comments (3)

 Ministered to me, right perspective 
This ministered to me amidst some rejection by very close brothers in the Lord. John R. Rice hits the nail on the head.

 Put things into right perspective 
This is a very hot sermon, he's on fire for the glory of Jesus, that the gospel shall be preached to all the earth. He talks alot about negativity and the different sides of the faith, and how Paul saw these things. This sermon puts things into right perspective.

 Tear Jerker 
Outstanding message about how we should push forward in soul winning with Christians from other denominations or groups, instead of seperating ourselves. Discusses how all Christians are Jesus' sheep, regardless of their title or distinctives. Puts the weightier matters in perspective. A must hear for anyone who has wondered whether to bond together with someone of a different denomination.

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