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 Charge That to My Account by Harry A. Ironside

Topic: Gospel
Scripture(s): Philemon 1:8-18  
Description: "Paul might have said, . . . 'Onesimus, I'm going to become your surety. I'll undertake to settle your debt. And I'm going to write a letter to Philemon and I want you to take it to him. Don't plead anything for yourself, just hand him the letter in which he will learn that I'm willing to settle everything in a righteous way.'... "When the Lord Jesus Christ became my surety . . . he went to Calvary's cross, and all my guilt was charged against Him. He settled for everything, and then He cried, 'It is finished.' And on the basis of that finished work, God can freely forgive, and justify completely, every poor sinner who trusts in the Lord Jesus Christ."
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