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Audio Sermons : Erlo Stegen :  Christ's Life In You

 Christ's Life In You by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Life
Scripture(s): Genesis 1:26  
Description: There is a word that exercises me of late. We easily get used to reading the word but there is a cry in my heart that the word will change our lives. It is important that our lives speak louder than our voices. Does the word change our lives? I pray that our lives will speak louder than our words. That is important to me. We have enough of hypocrisy. We say we are Christians but we get angry and don’t do anything about it. Genesis 1:26 God wanted man to rule over creation so that man would be the manager of creation. When God created man he wanted man to be like Him. He wanted to put man on earth so that he would represent God on earth. That was the heart of God when he created man. That was the duty of man on earth. When He created man He wanted man to be restored to what he should be. That’s why he gave Moses the commandments so that he would be in the image of God. "I give them my commandments so that they can be in my image and likeness."
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