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 More About Jesus by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Jesus
Scripture(s): Psalm 69:9, Genesis 27:8  
Description: There are so many in the bible who had this zeal in their hearts. A certain woman came to my mind and that is Rebekah. Listen to what she said when she wanted the blessing for her child. It was something beautiful. When she heard her husband was going to bless her oldest son, she said. "My son, Jacob, must take it. He must have the blessing." What did she do? She came to him and said, "Now therefore my son, obey my voice according to what I command you" (Gen 27:8). Here was a woman who wanted the best for her son. Do we have such mothers in our midst? She commanded him. She didn’t say you can choose whether you follow the Lord or not. You are old enough you can decide who you will serve. She had a zeal in her heart and she commanded him and he had to do it. When she heard that her husband wanted to bless the older son, she immediately said, "That the blessing must come upon my younger son" and she said, "You must obey what I command you to do." May God raise mothers again who have authority and say you must do what I command you to do. Mothers, is that your life? That you command your children and they do it?
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