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 10 Principle 6 - Not Depending On or Needing Buildings by Principles For The Gathering of Believers

Topic: Audio Books
Scripture(s): Acts 5:12, Acts 19:9-10, Acts 2:46  
Description: One of the things you do not find in the Book of Acts is the reliance on church buildings. Yet in almost every Christian circle and denomination, there is an emphasis upon building the church, not that ‚Äúthe body of Christ may be built up‚ÄĚ112 but rather the building of an actual structure that we refer to commonly as the church. There is a great benefit at times in having a building where the Lord‚Äôs people can meet in and use for the ministry of the Gospel. Yet, when we look at the Book of Acts, we find no visible record that the Church built buildings. Though they met in some physical locations such as Solomon‚Äôs Colonnade113 and the hall of Tyrannus for even two years!114 Yet, this was not the common practice of how saints met across the rest of God‚Äôs Churches. Even when looking carefully in Church history it is hard to find evidence of a building being used until 300 AD when pagan temples were being converted into churches under the reign of Constantine.
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