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Audio Sermons : A.W. Tozer :  (1 Peter - Part 10): Grand Mystery of the Bible (Salvation)

 (1 Peter - Part 10): Grand Mystery of the Bible (Salvation) by A.W. Tozer

Topic: Mystery
Scripture(s): 1 Peter 1:9-12  
Description: What are the three major Truths in this passage of Scripture? One Truth is a curious (or common) Truth; one is a rare Truth; and the last is a ¬ďremarkably reassuring¬Ē Truth. In this sermon, Dr. Tozer thoroughly explores all three.
Sermon Comments (3)

 Truth in Wisdom 
This is classic Tozer reducing the truth to the simplicity in which it was intended by God..... all the while in his usual witty articulate style. He's one of the rare ones who can make you smile as he pierces you with that sword of truth. Excellent material.

 True purpose of Scripture 
A. W. Tozer declares Scripture is given to bring about a change of heart. God did not intend Scripture to merely foment intellectual stimulation. With that premise established, Tozer then states that if Scripture says so then I must believe. He then states that if Peter said that the Holy Spirit was in the prophets then it is so. Tozer warns of man's doctrines which say anything different... These thoughts shared by Tozer are foundational for belief that Scripture is inerrant and sufficient for salvation.

The section in the middle where Tozer discusses why not to debate over small confusing biblical issues was sweet. However, the rest of the sermon was a little confusing and didn't really effect me as much.

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