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Audio Sermons : Bill McLeod :  Jesus Training The Twelve

 Jesus Training The Twelve by Bill McLeod

Topic: Holy Spirit
Scripture(s): James 1:5  
Description: Bill Mcleod powerfully shares on Jesus training the twelve disciples showing all the ways Jesus trained them. He shares many lessons for our walk with Jesus Christ daily in our day. Are you seeing your need before God today? For the Holy Spirit with prevailing prayer?
Sermon Comments (2)

This has been an edifying message for me. The Lord spoke to my specific life need through this. We don't always see the training of the twelve in quite this way. An important point he made was that even after the incredible training that the disciples had for three years, they still were not ready till they had tarried for the power of the Spirit.

 Has The Holy Spirit Convicted Your Heart act on it! 
I believe this message is personally is a word from a loving heavenly Father to a church that has lost its way in North America. We have lost the reliance on the need for the Holy Spirit of God in our services and lives. Oh that God would come, Oh that we would wait upon Him till He does. May God from this message bring revival for His Name's sake. May churches and individuals spend weeks in prayer and waiting on God nightly till He comes.

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