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Audio Sermons : Jim Cymbala :  Spiritual Warfare and Deception

 Spiritual Warfare and Deception by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Gibeonites
Scripture(s): Joshua 9:1-18, Matthew 7:15  
Description: Jim Cymbala gives a wonderful message on the Gibeonites. He clearly shows that Satan wants to deceive us and he warns against false prophets. Satan uses masks to disguise true intentions. Let's be vigilant, walk close to God and read His word. A powerful word that will set us free and encourage us to walk in victory with our Lord.
Sermon Comments (6)

 wiles and tricks 
The strategy of the enemy does become more familiar over time,however it never ceases to amaze me the many instruments he employs. Just when I think I know what is coming,I realize I'm not as smart as I thought. Pride is certianly most dangerous when I've seperated myself from the Holy Spirit. I really hate the craftiness of the enemies success because then I realize any victory is totally the Lord's, and not of my own abilities. My game is never as good as Satan's

 prayer prevents deception 
A great message on the importance of prayer so that we wont be taken by the enemies schemes :}

 Keeping the Covenant 
Though the Gibeonite use deceit to secure their lifes; because of the covenant Israel kept their words. However, I believe God was in the whole affair. Christians are to be faithful in words and deeds even when when things are not happening as expected.

 I see it different 
I hold Jim Cymballa in honor and I believe he is a true servant of God. I agree with the conclusion of the message but do not think the Gibeonite story is interpreted properly. Granted, the Gibeonites have cheated the Israelites and should not have entered a covenant with them. From the Gibeonites point of view, I commend them because they completely surrendered and were willing to serve the Israelites as water bearers and wood choppers. God stopped sun and moon in the battle of Gibeon until their enemies where routed. Their place became the location for Solomons temple. A Gibeonite was among Davids mighty men. As Gentiles we follow the Gibeonites example. We are bound for destruction yes, even anihilation because of our iniquity. The worn clothes and mouldy bread and wine speak of repentance. They had faith in God. We are not meant to be in the covenant but by Israels rejection to listen to God's command these Gentiles are "sneak" into the commonwealth of Israel.

Great sermon on spiritual discernment!

 Setting you free into victory 
This message by the Holy Spirit can set many free from the influences of false prophets, Gibeonites in our lives. I enjoyed hearing the simplicity and burden that brother Cymbala shares this message from. May we hear clearly this exhortation from the word of God and be changed by His grace.

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