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Audio Sermons : A.W. Tozer :  Attributes of God (Series 1): the Holiness of God

 Attributes of God (Series 1): the Holiness of God by A.W. Tozer

Topic: Attributes of God
Description: Only the Holy Spirit can give us a sense of what holiness truly is. God’s holiness is beyond anything we can possibly conceive. Unholiness degrades and destroys God’s creation. God’s wrath is His intolerance of that degradation, and His preservation of what He has made. [i]Topics: We Cannot Understand Holiness, Two Words for Holiness, The Fiery Holiness of God, The Holy One and the Sinner.[/i]
Sermon Comments (3)

 One of the sermons that converted me 
So good to hear this truth about God's attributes!

 Makes listener weigh his position in God's eye 
This sermon really made me think about sin and its magnitudes and holiness and its magnitudes. It was kind of profound, yet chilling as I realize my inequity.

 A "must hear" indeed! 
After listening with total mental focus I could only fall on my face in humility. I couldn't even pray until I remembered that by the blood of Jesus, our High Priest I could boldly come before the throne. I was in speechless awe as I caught a glimpse of the holiness of God Almighty. This 45 min lesson is well worth the time to listen and ponder.

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