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Audio Sermons : Hans R. Waldvogel :  Become transparent through conviction

 Become transparent through conviction by Hans R. Waldvogel

Topic: Conviction
Scripture(s): Psalm 139:23-24, Hebrews 4:12  
Description: “Live out Thy life within me, O Jesus King of kings, Be Thou Thyself the answer to all my questionings. Live out Thy life within me; in all things have Thy way, I Thy transparent medium, Thy glory to display.” How would you like to be transparent so that nothing of yourself would appear anywhere, but only Jesus Christ with His divine attributes would shine forth from within you? That’s what you are if you’re a real follower of Jesus Christ, or that’s what you will be if He has His way with you. “Ye are the epistle of Christ written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God.” And there’s no substitute for it.
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