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Audio Sermons : Hans R. Waldvogel :  Christmas Talk

 Christmas Talk by Hans R. Waldvogel

Topic: Christmas
Scripture(s): John 1:11, Luke 11:13, Romans 8:32  
Description: I wonder what they had to tell when they got to heaven. I wonder what they had to tell, because there were other angels up there waiting and wondering what in the world happened when Jesus Christ the Son of God came among men. What happened? Oh, I think there must have been real sadness in heaven. “Why, they were all asleep—the whole city of the King. They were all asleep. We couldn’t even wake them up with our trumpets. We had to go out into the field where the shepherds were watching. They were awake. They were awake—they heard us.” I heard an Alliance preacher say that angels don’t sing. I don’t know. All our songs talk about angels singing. But the Bible doesn’t say that. They talked; they had a message—a very wonderful message, but nobody there to listen to it, nobody there to be interested. “He came unto His own…”—what a fact; how very wonderful: this entire Old Testament was a preparation for the coming of the King to this earth, and was intended to prepare hearts to be ready to receive Him. But when He came, there was “no form nor comliness that we should desire Him.” My goodness, who in the world would have looked for Him in a manger—in a manager in a stable?
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