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Audio Sermons : Hans R. Waldvogel :  Christians are dying, no longer seeing or hearing Christ

 Christians are dying, no longer seeing or hearing Christ by Hans R. Waldvogel

Topic: Voice Of God
Scripture(s): Romans 8:24-25, Romans 8:13  
Description: We were discussing Romans 8 this morning, and in Romans 8 he says, “We are saved…” That’s the song that we sing everywhere: “We are saved,” “We’re saved.” When I first came here, a Schwäbish brother was telling about years ago, and he says, “I war no net g’saved jena Zeit.” Jetzt ischd’r g’saved. Bisch du au g’saved? We are saved. But the Bible says, “We are saved by hope.” And that’s the thing that gives me great joy: to know that the work we do here, we don’t do for a few years only, or for some glory—for some crown upon this earth, or recommendation by men. We’re not… we’re not geared to Brooklyn, or to this time, but we’re geared to eternity, to heaven, to the New Jerusalem. That’s the thing we have been working for, praise God! And 32 years is really a very, very short time when you think that the seed we sow is going to result in a harvest that’s going to go on forever and forever to the glory of God. And how very, very important it is that we get the sight of it—that we get the light of it.
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