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Audio Sermons : Hans R. Waldvogel :  Being Filled with the Spirit

 Being Filled with the Spirit by Hans R. Waldvogel

Topic: Filled With The Spirit
Scripture(s): Hebrews 3:1, Acts 19:2, Ephesians 1:17  
Description: We need to know the Holy Ghost, because He’s our life. We need to drink of that Fountain of life. It isn’t sufficient to be baptized with the Holy Ghost, but now to walk in the Spirit, “e has translated you out of the kingdom of darkness.” How many people claim to be baptized with the Holy Ghost, and they’re satisfied to still live in the flesh, and they’re satisfied to still be governed by the flesh! That’s where our frowns come from. But beloved, that, the Bible says, is dangerous: “If we live in the flesh, we shall die.” We shall die! “But if ye live in the spirit…” Do you know the Spirit? Do you know the Holy Ghost? Is He your habitation? Is He your realm? Is He the ocean of life and of light and of grace and of love and of joy and of peace into which you’ve been sunk, deeply sunk, so that your whole being has been transformed into this ocean of love? “Have you received the Holy Ghost?”
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