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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  Ministers of Lasciviousness

 Ministers of Lasciviousness by Carter Conlon

Topic: Lasciviousness
Scripture(s): Jude 1:1-16  
Description: nil
Sermon Comments (4)

 Powerful word from the Lord 
Must here message. Unusual annointing and unction in this word given through brother Carter.

 What does the Church look like today? 
I can imagine the ancient church, the reformed church, the church in America 200 years ago, but what it is today is like a nightmare come true. Who could of forseen that the church, would desire to look like a Benny Hinn concert or a Toronto Blessing meeting? What does writhing, screaching, mindlessness have to do with the Bride? What dark road has she been led down and how long will the Lord allow her to be there? Perhaps now is the time to shine some light on this.

 Please Stand and Contend For The Faith! 
The sound at first is not so good but stay with this message ... Father, Please reveal Your Heart again to this generation, thru a people that will stand and once again contend for the Faith!

 Where we are today 
This Sermon by Carter Conlon is where a lot of the Churches and Ministers are today. We need to contend for the Faith. This Sermon will need to be listened to more than once. Praise God for the Ministers who aren't afraid to preach the Word of God, without compromise.

Promoting Revival to this Generation.
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