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 Weighed in the balance (Sermon Reading) by D. L. Moody

Topic: Reading
Scripture(s): Daniel 5:27  
Description: Though not the actual voice of the great evangelist, this sermon is well read and worth the listen. The reader does an excellent job preserving the heart of Moody in the delivery. Taken from Daniel 5, the story of the finger writing on the wall 'Mene Mene Tekel Parsin', Moody expounds on how we will all be weighed in the balance of God's Ten Commandments, and our position in Christ will define the outcome. This is a solid sermon revealing further insight into the style and message of the late D.L. Moody.
Sermon Comments (2)

 Excellent strong message 
This is an excellent sermon that puts every listener on the spot as Moody very clearly expresses the judgement of God and also the redemption. Another thing worth pointing out is that I think this has be one of the best read sermons that I have listened to, the man who is reading this sermon is not simply reading it as a book as so many do but almost preaching the message himself.

 the balance 
Thank God for Jesus Christ who will step in the scales with us so that we are not weighed in the balance and found wanting.

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