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Audio Sermons : Hans R. Waldvogel :  Christ in Me

 Christ in Me by Hans R. Waldvogel

Topic: Indwelling Christ
Scripture(s): John 1:12, 1 Corinthians 1:30  
Description: And here, He tells you to come down. He tells you to ‚Äúbecome as a little child.‚ÄĚ And they all melted away and they left Him alone, and then He looked upon the twelve, and He said, ‚ÄúHave I not chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil.‚ÄĚ I wonder if there‚Äôs a devil in this meeting. Beloved, we meet hearts that are as hard as a rock‚ÄĒChristian hearts! Judas‚ÄĒdon‚Äôt me that Judas didn‚Äôt do miracles. Sure! Sure, he went out with the other disciples, laid hands on the sick, anointed them, sure enough. And yet he was a devil. Beloved, it means something to come down and to be filled with the Holy Ghost. It means something to be converted and to become as a little child, and only God can do it. And that‚Äôs why I say I marvel constantly at the persistence of the Lord Jesus Christ. In many different ways He brings the truth to us.
Sermon Comments (1)

I've heard 20 Hans Waldvogel sermons so far and this one stands out as the best! I got wonderful revelation from this sermon

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