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 Studying the Scriptures And Finding Jesus by Albert Mohler

Topic: Christ
Scripture(s): John 5:30-47  
Description: Mohler began by describing the current landscape of the American church—we need a recovery of understanding the Scriptures in their totality. He expounded Jesus’ dialogue with the Pharisees in John 5 with specific application for us. The Pharisees’ rejection of Jesus was a refusal to recognize God’s witness of him. The takeaway for us is important: one can study the Scriptures extensively and not get it.
Sermon Comments (4)

 nothing new here 
More explanations, more intellectual analysis, nothing new, just more. Church is full of explainers, expounders, preachers and talkers, but where are the leaders who 'walk as Jesus walked'? Who 'talk as Jesus talked'? Where are the shining lights? No wonder they complain.

 What is wrong is not not knowing the Word.  
The reason young people and others examine evangelical churches and repudiate them is because they do not find men who follow the Lord Jesus Christ in truth. They see that preachers seek their own agendas, their own ambitions, their own kingdoms, and claim it is for God. In short they see no evidence of a living God there. They see no power there. Worse, they see the unadulterated greed for money and power in the name of the Lord. When persecution comes it will not be against true dedicated servants of the Lord, though it will be, but it will be a huge backlash against all the Bennie Who's that fleece the flock of God -- wolves that no longer bother to look like sheep. When a man yields his life to Jesus Christ, He leads him in paths of holiness. It is there that this man finds that his self-life has to go if he wants to follow the Lord. Not my will but Your will. That is the narrow gate, and difficult is the way. This is eternal life, to know God and Jesus Christ whom He sent.

 A Important word for North American Churches 
Brothers and Sisters this is a needed message to hear for western Christendom. We must needs see the Gospel and Jesus Christ in Old Testament Scriptures. This message clearly and biblical defines this need and also lack in modern pulpits. May we make much of Christ and His work in saving us by the Blood which is the Gospel.

 Worth listening to! 
I was hoping to be able to listen to this message again. Thank you!

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