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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  Wolves

 Wolves by Carter Conlon

Topic: False Teachers
Scripture(s): Acts 20:28-31  
Description: Beginning with Paul's tearful warning in Acts 20:28-31, about grievous wolves entering in and even rising up from among the church at Ephesus itself, Pastor Conlon delivers a powerful sermon on wolves among the church of Jesus Christ and how to tell who they are. He explains how the wolves operate, seeking the weak, the naive, or the injured in the church, and how dangerous they are to the Body of Christ. Have a pad and pen handy, he goes through many scriptures, which will enlighten and exhort every believer. A warning every believer needs to hear, especially new believers.
Sermon Comments (2)

 Eye opening! 
Powerful, godly counsel, This message unveiled and explained so much in my life. Praise be to GOD!

 this is an essential message to the church 
this is a must-hear for every true believer. the warnings are sober but the innoculation against deception and deceivers is priceless and eternal.

Promoting Genuine Biblical Revival.
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