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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  A Warning to an Evil Generation

 A Warning to an Evil Generation by Carter Conlon

Topic: Last Days Deception
Scripture(s): Matthew 12:38-42  
Description: (preached: July 20, 2003) A powerful warning about last days deception in the Church. This is a strong rebuke of the signs and manifestations movement and of the preaching of a soft gospel. The hour is late, don't be caught looking for Him in the wrong places.
Sermon Comments (2)

 Opened my heart to the love of Jesus Christ 
Another outstanding sermon. We don't need any physical signs beyond the knowledge that Jesus is in our heart and the Kingdom of God is within us if we are "born again." Don't follow false teachings about a new showing of Jesus somewhere in the world. His greatest sign is that He is within us. Thank you Jesus!

 Speaks of Today 
This is the unashamed truth about the modern day snake oil, counterfeit, salesmen that the Bible clearly warns us about. Right now in Florida thousands are being deceived even as people like Pastor Carter had warned us five years ago. Pastor Carter and others like him are providing the Lord a voice that will leave no excuses to those who listened and did not take heed. If you've been following 'signs and wonders' and want to be led back to the simple truth that is in Christ, then pay careful attention to this message... and pay even more attention to The Word of God and ask the Holy Spirit to help you rightly divide the truth and apply it in your transformation to His image instead of worshipping outward signs that will still leave you wanting with more consequences down the line.

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