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Audio Sermons : Paul Washer :  The Depth of the Gospel - Part 2

 The Depth of the Gospel - Part 2 by Paul Washer

Topic: Gospel
Scripture(s): Genesis 22:2  
Description: From between the towering monoliths of Gods justice, and His mercy, a beleaguered and hungry pilgrim pleads from amongst the airy climbs of the gospels’ narrow pathway to the ambivalent travelers’ content upon lower, wider ways. He cries that others would capture just a glimpse of the sheep-gate of love that is found in the radical subjection of the Son. Re-discover the tragically hopeful message of the gospel lest ye forget from whence ye have been saved O Pilgrim’s. Have we forgotten that If God spared us, that he did not spare His Son?
Sermon Comments (2)

 Broken again. 
Every time I listen to a good message on the Cross, I find myself broken again at all of that time I've spent so ignorant of what He did on that tree. Paul Washer is one of the few men who can bring out the Gospel in such a way that you do truly think about the Cross. I beg you listen, to this powerful message. It just might change your life.

 The Coldness of my Heart 
After reading the thread related to this message I listened to it myself. When I listen to Paul Washer, I realize just how cold I am towards God and how much the sin in my life that I have not truly repented of separates me from Him. There are many times where my heart longs to truly understand the cost that was paid for me. I get a better glimpse every time I die to something in true repentance and walk more in the love of Christ that casts out the fear that has to do with punishment. This sermon was a blessing that spoke to me, to my heart.

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