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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  The Devil who followed Jesus

 The Devil who followed Jesus by Carter Conlon

Topic: Judas
Scripture(s): John 6:66-71, Luke 6:12-16  
Description: This message gives great insight into the story of Judas. There are many who have a false impression of Who Jesus is and what His purpose is. Be prepared to be challenged, especially if you have been using Christ for your own personal agenda.
Sermon Comments (1)

This is a sermon to those people who feel that their walk with God is not all that it could be. It's a message for those that have walked with God because of the status that it brings in certain circles, who have become Christians for networking with others to help business goals; it's a talk for those who have loved God for the wrong reasons and an encouragement to change and begin walking with God because he is worthy in His righteousness for our praise. It's a message about the lady who anointed Jesus feet with no expectation of financial reward - who was jeered at by Judas for "wasting" what would have taken many months of wages to purchase by giving what she had to God. We listen to a story about loving God for Himself - for who and what He is; praising Him for being Holy. It's a tribute to clean faith and devotion.

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