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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  Another Jesus

 Another Jesus by Carter Conlon

Topic: Another Jesus
Scripture(s): 2 Corinthians 11:1-4  
Description: Pastor Conlon goes through many other scriptures in this stirring message about the Jesus of the Bible, and man's preconceived notion of Jesus, based on men's theology and doctrines. The primary concern of the LOrd is that he get hold of your life and form himself in you, even if it means you might suffer because of what he's doing in your life. He wants the fruit of Christ manifested in you, that others will be brought out of darkness into the light. That your life be used for his glory and that you take up your cross and follow him daily. Not sure what your cross is? This message helps you understand.
Sermon Comments (5)

 Another powerful word from the Lord 
Another powerful word from the Lord spoken through brother Carter.

 Cost of Abandonment 
This is the 1st sermon I've listened to from Brother Conlon, and, that I'm in the process of complete and utter abandonment to God in my life, I found this sermon to contain a plethora of Holy indications for the cementing of the foundation in which to do so. May you also, and with God's blessings.

 Great for all professing believers 
This is definately on my top 10 sermon list (which actually contains about 25 sermons), but it is an EXCEPTIONAL message for the false convert, lukewarm, greedy prosperity believer, and even for the truly redeemed who need a fresh reminder of the calling of Christ on our lives.

 Most exceptional 
This is a great sermon dealing with the true Jesus VS the false American Jesus. In the first part of the sermon, brother Carter goes over the attributes of the false Jesus, then in the second part, he contrasts it with the attributes of the message of the true Jesus, even laying down essential elements of the true Gospel that are rarely heard, such as denying self, counting the cost, forsaking all, not laying up treasure on earth, etc. It's most refreshing to hear such basic truth. This is an awesome sermon to burn to disk and hand out to steeple house folk. They just might get saved!

 Very Enlightening! 
Pastor Carter preaches with God's heart! I've recommended this sermon to many of my friends and aquaintances. All should hear!

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