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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  A Gospel of Slaughter

 A Gospel of Slaughter by Carter Conlon

Topic: Laughing Revival
Scripture(s): 1 Kings 22:2-23  
Description: This message powerfully rebukes the "laughing revival" as well as the other movements. Based on the story of Jehoshaphat and Ahab in 1 Kings chapter 22, where the many prophets were prophesying "go up and prosper" while one, a true prophet of the Lord prophesied in truth.
Sermon Comments (5)

 A sad and hopeful sermon 
Hearing this sermon brought much sadness to me about the deception being used against many people. At the same time, I see the joy and peace that we can have with Jesus Christ. I thank Jesus for saving my soul. I will do what I can to give His message to others. We truly are in the last days. Praise God for His peace and strength.

 How many sheep are scattered 
This is a powerful message listening now December 2006. I look at my friends who took part in this revival and see many have nolonger a strong zeal for the Word, scattered in the wilderness...even in the Church. Linton

 Powerful... Indicting... 
Is there such thing as "Holy Laughter" in a fallen world broken by the effects of Sin? Carter exhorts us to seek Joy, and even happiness, but not at the cost of righteousness. Who are we following? Are we looking to have our ears tickled? How on earth should we live in such times? How do we submit our lives in obedience to the Father?

As a pastor, this message prompts me to thoroughly examine my ministry and my heart towards God!

 Christians Listen to this One 
In a World of so much deception, we need the sincere meat of the Word. These messages may not be easy to hear, but they will save your soul from a devils hell! Carter Conlon and David Wilkinson are preaching the true Gospel.

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