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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  The Heaven Side of Unyielding Prayer

 The Heaven Side of Unyielding Prayer by Carter Conlon

Topic: Prevailing Prayer
Scripture(s): Luke 18:1-8,Romans 3:16  
Description: Jesus tells us to "pray and faint not." This message brings to light the reasons why we often "faint" in prayer. We must come to the Lord with a WHOLE heart - and not TRY Him, but SERVE Him, because He is GOD. Many do not get through to God because they are seeking their own agenda, or their own personal well being rather than the purpose of Christ. The reason so many walk in confusion is because of this refusal to submit to God. Why do Christians not pray as they should? Are they not totally surrendered to following Jesus? Do they not understand the heart of God and his love for them? This unjust judge had authority in Luke 18 over this widow woman's adversary, and she knew her rights, and she did not give up. The devil accuses us, pointing out our faults, and God avenges us by giving us the very thing we lack, when we seek him for it. God delights in his children and will rise up to deliver them when they are under attack. Another wonderful encouragement to prayer.
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 keep praying 
Encouraging message to keep praying, especially for the things that are promised to us in God's Word.

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