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Audio Sermons : ~Other Speakers M-R : Revival Conference Texas 2010 :  Satanic Warfare: The Road To Revival by Keith Daniel

 Satanic Warfare: The Road To Revival by Keith Daniel by Revival Conference Texas 2010

Topic: Revival Conference
Description: Keith Daniel delivers a stirring message of the true reality of the satanic warfare that has been going on for the entire existence of mankind. May we hear and truly enter into this warfare in prayer on our knees. May God open our eyes to this reality amongst us.
Sermon Comments (6)

 Somewhat disappointed 
I love Keith Daniel. He has a message for the church (and delivery of it) like no other. He is a precious gift to the Body of Christ. With this message, the comments of others drew me to it. As I listened to it, I found myself waiting and anticipating for the hard hitting, convicting, inspiring part...and I felt like it never arrived. It also lacked personal stories and testimonies of his own occasions of warfare. Its a great message on the scriptural basis of Satan's origin and workings, but Keith has better teachings out there. "If you died now" is my favorite, I highly recommend that one.

 How can one comment on this most powerful sermon? 
I must say " This man of God has made satan's Most Wanted List" Please Listen and then Listen again!

Well, Keith Daniel has an amazing ability to give a dramatic reading of Scripture. He's second to none. Especially considering he does it all from memory. But as entertaining as it can be, honestly, I didn't get much from the sermon itself. But even then, kinda hard to say anything against the public reading of Scripture, even as over-the-top as it might have been.

I sat there spell-bound as the pure scriptures of God were expounded by memory. There was something vitally real in the atmosphere that I felt was life-changing for many. I thank God for this precious servant of Christ who gave a clear warning to america and also the cost of our walking in revival in our day, the satanic opposition.

 GOD has made Keith Daniel as a wonder unto many. 
"Once you are victorious, you will begin to pray in faith for others, until then you won't know what it is to groan on your knees for anybody but yourself" - Keith Daniel

Praising the Lord for Keith Daniel and this message!

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