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 A Revival Of God's Word by Jose Muniz by Revival Conference Texas 2010

Topic: Revival Conference
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Sermon Comments (6)

I'm playing this for the teen class that I teach. I've been greatly encouraged by many of the messages from this conference.

I love brother Jose and when he shares all I can think of is: Reality. He is a real brother, very sincere and not a people pleaser. God really touched my heart by this message, oh that we would have a revival back to the words of the living God. You could hear a pin drop during much of his message as the brothers and sisters were hanging off every word.

 Changed my life! 
The Holy Spirit answered my prayers, and all of my questions and my requests for greater Spiritual understanding by causing me to discover and listen to this wonderful message. It's truly overwhelming to realize the power of God in resolving so much in such a simple and understanding way. We can very easily get into the track of studying the bible piecemeal, perhaps searching for a topic, or simply using it like an ordinary reference book. This can be done, and is by most any of us regardless of our level of Spiritual understanding, omitting the basic fact that God's primary means of communicating with us is through His Word. The only Way that we can expect to find answers in the Bible is to read all of it -- as often as we possibly can. If we have doctrinal issues, they'll shrink away as we gain deeper understanding, illuminated by the Spirit as we pray for greater wisdom and knowledge. Jesus prayed for oneness in His body, this is His answer!

 Very Good 
I enjoyed listening to Brother Jose Muniz he has a very relaxed way of preaching but still makes his point very known. Encouraged me to focus more on the Word of God and less on the other things of this world that are all fleeting in a moment.

Excellent teaching on the important of reading God's word. Very convicting but not condemning! Highly recommend listening.

 Not your usual sermon - please listen 
Jose hits it home about the importance of soaking up the word. Never heard it better. Jose is a Street Preacher and I want to learn more from him.

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