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 Full-Time Ministry by David Wilkerson by Classics Podcast

Topic: Classics Podcast
Scripture(s): Revelation 1:9-10  
Description: David Wilkerson gives a very clear warning to the spirit of the age that many Christians are living in. Think you're too busy to pray? No matter how busy or what your occupation in this life, every Believer is called into "Full Time Ministry."
Sermon Comments (1)

 Tremendous message and so timely! 
This word from Pastor David Wilkerson so moves my heart! I believe God's heart aches for so many Christians who are wandering blindly, so caught up in this world and it's pleasures and pursuits, who have so little hunger for Him, so little desire for the presence of their Lord, Jesus Christ, so little time for fellowship with Him in prayer and His Word...I truly believe we are headed for hard times! We need His life filling us and flowing through us to sustain us and to enable us to be those candles set on candlesticks and those cities set on hills giving His light to others!...Shake us Holy Spirit! Wake us up by whatever means it takes! Lord, revive us again!

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