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 Dealing With Sin by Charles Price by Classics Podcast

Topic: Classics Podcast
Description: Charles Price delivers a very sobering message on the danger of sin in the Christian life and ministry. He shares the account of Saul and how sin came back to haunt him and took him from kingship. May we be at war with sin in our Christian Life and never excuse sin in any way.
Sermon Comments (4)

 Victory is not won, it's received. 
This is a very good sermon about putting sin to death - emphasis on sexual sin. Price uses Saul with the Amalekites as an example of partial obedience that is very deceiving (Saul kept the best of livestock for sacrifice). Saul had "selective obedience". It was an Amalekite that ended up killing Saul and taking his crown. It was an Agagite (Price believes this is an Amalekite) also who nearly destroyed the Jews of Persia. Samuel was told not to mourn for Saul that he had made Saul a king. Sin is like a snake that bites back. We think we can keep sin in control but it ends up controlling up. Battle over sin is continuous. Victory is not won, it's received.

Charles goes through an old testament type of sin... The Amalekites & more specifically how Saul failed to deal with King Agag and the consequences (for Saul and for future generations)... I've heard sermons on this old testament type before but this one was really well preached... I was really convicted of my own sin through this message; I highly recomend it!

We are who we are when no one is looking. God sees at all times. Let us stay in the presence of God. Ask God to give us a fresh filling. excellent sermon. rhettaj

What a powerful message on conviction of sin. What a great warning for us all especially in ministry. One person said to me at the conference that was "keswick style" preaching at its best. I had to agree! Oh for more preachers to preach like this. God honored the message the atmosphere in the room was thick with the convicting holy presence of the Holy Spirit.

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