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Audio Sermons : David Wilkerson :  The False Gospel of Prosperity

 The False Gospel of Prosperity by David Wilkerson

Topic: Prosperity Gospel
Scripture(s): 2 Corinthians 11:14, 1 Timothy 6:5  
Description: David Wilkerson gives a strong message with "prophetic urgency." He clearly shows that the "prosperity gospel" teaching that gain is godliness is unscriptural and a lie from hell. Surely this is a word from God to a generation of Christians in America that have swallowed this ear tickling teaching up to their demise.
Sermon Comments (23)

 Satan deceives where we are vulnerable  
Only by exhortation to go to God's word can we get truth such as preached here, to avoid the deceitful traps layed by Satan. Amen, and again I say amen!

 Another Gospel 
David Wilkerson,s message on another Gospel is a mirror towards todays society.let this truth liberate mankind Praying for that By Byju Bangalore,India

 Praise Jesus for His Mercy 
great Message it's time to do something time is running out.

 Oh Lord we need to preach as powerful and this man. 
I pray I can have the power to preach like this in the Power or the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah this is what this world needs to hear. My God use this Man of God use Him in a Mighty work for your name sake. Oh God our father let the world see you will not be mocked. Wake them up that our sitting in the churches. Send a Holy Ghost fire down on the saints of God. Thank you oh Lord Thank you. I have been poor we can't seem to get ahead we can't afford our house payment or to by food at times. I have not went with out and some how we get what me need but we just trust God. I had been praying Lord what kind of a testimony is this that we are so poor. I see now its a wonderful powerful testimony. Like his said Blessed our the Poor for there's is the Kingdom of Heaven. Blessed our you that weep for you shall be comforted. Praise you lord I am thankful that we are poor. I am thankful for what we have and that is you Lord the true and only wise King Jesus our lord I am rich in you. Amen.

 I Did Not Think I Was Into The Prosperity Gospel 
It's very interesting... Since I don't hold on to money and I give money away -and I'm known for that in my family- I didn't think I was into the prosperity gospel until the Lord set me free through a message preached by Carter Conlon called: THE VALLEY OF TROUBLE AND THE PILE OF STONES on I was really set free, is an awesome thing that takes place.

God used this message in my life today. I feel like words can't even express how I feel right now. I live in a small town in New Mexico. God has given me a burden to see His Bride beautified and revived. I've noticed a lack of concern this week in my life for that burden. I told the LORD last night, "LORD, I'm concerned that I'm not concerned." Brother Wilkerson was preaching about how Delilah means "slack off, ease up, take it easy" in the Hebrew. At that moment, God showed me the problem was that I gave myself over to Delilah...I've been kinda taking it easy this week, I've allowed myself to "ease up" on the urgency of the hour and on the burden of the LORD. The Holy Spirit moved me to repentance through Brother Wilkerson's words. Blessed be Yeshua. I highly recommmend this message to anyone whose concerned that they're not concerned about the burden that the LORD has given them.

 Powerful message 
Preached with a passion and intensity that even goes beyond David's normal hard hitting messages. Thank God for the boldness and clarity. Short and a little difficut to understand but well worth the listen.

 The Redeemer is Returning to Zion 
It took me a long while, but I finally found the full version of this sermon. "The Redeemer is Returning to Zion"

Its a beautiful thing when you hear the truth. Mud-Angel

 The prosperity doctrine and the persecuted church 
Let me just say that the prosperity doctrine could never have come out of the persecuted church. Just try and tell the suffering christians in moslem and communist countries that God wants them rich in material possessions

 Laodicea is here! 
My heart jumps when the Truth is so boldly spoken. There is no relationship with Jesus Christ that excludes the fellowship of His sufferings. WOF teaches the opposite. What I find so alarming about this movement is the hostility from those who will accuse you of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit if you don’t follow along. Many who call themselves Christians do not read their Bibles, and believe if someone has made a great name for themselves with a million followers, they must be God’s "Man of the Hour". Quite the opposite. WOF does not understand the Church has a *Heavenly Calling*. Those who are still earthbound believe the earthly blessings given to Israel in the OT are to the Church today. Many who follow this teaching will certainly be deceived by anti-christ who will be more than happy to meet all earthly needs. The Riches In Christ can't even compare to the rags of this world.

 Powerful if understood 
David Wilkerson is a powerful man of God this message was a sober warning to those who serve another gospel and people whos heart is not devoted wholly to God. God says in Deut 32:9 For the Lord's portion is His people; Jacob (Israel) is the lot of His inheritance. In Exodus 34:14 For you shall worship no other god; for the Lord, Whose name is Jealous, is a jealous (impassioned) God. In the New Living Translation Exodus 34:14 is wonderful it says:You must worship no other gods, for the Lord, whose very name is Jealous, is a God who is jealous about his relationship with you. Basiclly God is saying that His Inheritance is his people(US) when I think of that it puts me in Awe of how much our God loves us. We are his inheritance and God is filled with passion about his relationship with us to such and extent that he will not share us with anything else. When we seek only Prosperity,Healing or any other promise we are serving another Gospel and Another God we are to seek him with our whol

 BAAL worship 
This message is bang on. I was under this sort of teaching for 8 years. One reason why Word of Faith teaching is off is because it equates blessing with material things. It is spiritualized materialism. The underlying flaw in the prosperity doctrine is that the more you give and the more you give with faith, the more you will receive. Give and God will bless you. I’ll be blunt, if you are giving in order to receive something back from God or to obtain His favour that is BAAL worship. BAAL was the farm god. They gave offerings to BAAL so that their crops would grow and their herds would increase. We are not to approach God that way. He blesses obedience, not cleverly contrived offerings.

 Rebuking Heresy 
This is a very, VERY strong rebuke against the prosperity heresy. The sound quality is not that good, but you can make out every word if you listen carefully. I've listened to it a few times; the first time I heard it, my jaw dropped. Rev. Wilkerson pulls out all the stops as he unmasks the 'name-it-and-claim-it' preachers as ministers sent by Satan. Hallelujah! Hear this man of God preach against a modern heresy that has infected the Body like a virus.

  The Holy Spirit versus the letter 
I have always loved preachers I picture with holes under their shoes. It's my way of seeing the Davids whose hearts are pure for God to look upon. Those that graduate in the wilderness and seek His face. I know our heavenly father has a special servant named Pastor Wilkerson. Gods servant who learned early, to distinguish provision from prosperity and has God's face to shine upon him. Abundant grace upon him. Mary Glavaz

 Finally the truth about the prosperity doctine 
This is a refreshing message. The doctrine of give to get has so infiltrated our main line churches. It is wonderful to hear the truth preached. Everyone, especially those who buy into the prosperity doctrine, should hear this sermon.

 This is a Must Listen 
I used to support one of these prosperity preachers when I was first coming to the Lord, but the Holy Spirit and the Word gave me insight that this is not the gospel Jesus proclaimed. Jesus never gave a "How To on Prosperity" when he taught. David Wilkerson is absolutely right. Do not be deceived.

 Which Message? 
I was wondering if this message is part of another complete file. I want to hear this excerpt in the context of the complete message. Also, it seems to slightly mischaracterize the word/faith teachers. The most reputable ones come right out and say that the purpose of prosperity is for financing the preaching of the Gospel. That if you want to consume it on your own lusts, there is no promise of prosperity. They also say that you can only "claim" what the Bible says is already yours. You can't go name and claim a Mercedes Benz. The Word doesn't promise you one. But the Lord does take pleasure in the prosperity of His servants. It's just so we can further the Gospel though. As usual, a strawman argument put forth to show the error in teaching which is being mischaracterized. What a shame.

 Father, Have mercy on us. 
Help us not get caught up in any doctrine that is false. This is very sobering.

 Calling it what it really is. 
In times when people misquote the bible to twist its meaning, and cry out "don't judge", I'm thankful there are still some people such as Rev Wilkerson who will tell it like it is. Good listening.

This is a very good listen.

 A voice crying out against the gospel of prosperity 
Oh how the church needs to hear this message today!!! David Wilkerson truly is a watchman. Listen to this message!!

 don/t be decieved 
a must see if you have been decieved into the name and claim , prosperity' message a great tape

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