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 The Majesty of God's Holiness by Aeron Morgan

Topic: Holiness Of God
Description: Nothing is of greater importance in the believer¬ís personal life than holiness. It appears the Church overlooks the fact that the goal of redemption is holiness. We major where the Bible minors, and minor where the Bible majors. The shallow and shifting emphases of the pulpit are replete with psychology, sociology, and humanistic philosophy; sermons that feed the ego, play to the emotions, ease the conscience, beguile the unwary, provide for the flesh, foster materialism and worldliness, and smother the fact that we are but ¬ďstrangers and pilgrims¬Ē in this world. Without holiness no man shall see the Lord. This message sets forth the attribute of HOLINESS in God ¬Ė that absolute and immeasurable perfection of His moral nature, which is eternally consistent and allows of no variation; it is an absolute purity of nature that knows no degrees.
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