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 Revival Now by Mark Greening

Topic: Coming Revival
Description: Mark Greening shares a powerful word from God at the New Jersey, Revival God's way conference in 2010. Mark shares on how we can have personal revival in our life's today. Do we see that our loving of sin is more then Jesus Christ? Are we willing to repent of this and love the Lord Jesus Christ with all our hearts?
Sermon Comments (8)

 It changed the way I look at and love Christ Jesus 
This is one of the most powerful and moving messages I've ever heard and I thank Mark for presenting it. It truly made me see how little time I've given to Jesus every day and starting today I'm praying that He shows me how to place Him first in my life and help me overcome all other obstacles that take my time away from Him. I'll also be directing my prayer life to having the Holy Spirit be in the lives of my children and friends. I know many of them are not born-again and don't know about eternity and about salvation before it's too late. Thank you Jesus for saving my soul and being my Lord and Savior.

 powerful message 
It was a very powerful message!! we need more men like him who hear from God and preach the hard truths of the bible. Praise God for preachers who have heart to follow Christ!! I will recommend this to friends

 GODS timing is always amazing! 
through many events in my familys' life, me and my wife have just been invited to come on board to work and live at a place of ministry where the emphasis is on comming to this place to rest and expereince JESUS. I have been grieved for revival for some time now and through some contacts at this place, there is to be a revival conference in sept of this year. thanks to GODS provision- it is my prayerful intention to ensure the folks involved are exposed to this sermon and others like it (ravenhill, murray, washer, mcleod) to be on our faces before the LORD- so that we will all be able to cry out to the LAMB which was slain, "Will YOU not revive us again? that YOUR people may rejoice in YOU? Show us YOUR mercy, O LORD, and grant us YOUR salvation!" praise HIS HOLY NAME!! please join in prayer,thank you.

 able to print 
Greeting in Christ can you tell em can this sermon be downloaded and printed. Thansk

 a request rather than a review 
I would rather ask for one thing. can you guys provide manuscripts for the sermons too please. Soli Deo Gloria

 Must Hear 
In 20+ years walking with the Lord, this message delivered by brother Mark has to rate in the top five in importance for my personal spiritual growth. I can almost guarantee that God will use this message to reveal something to you!

 Challenging and Life-Changing 
What a powerful message that is surely life-changing for those that hear it with an open heart. Oh how I have loved sin more then the Lord Jesus Christ. I am better then no other Christian before God. Oh to love Jesus Christ more, free to do God's will and free from all conscious sin!

 One of the Best I've heard in a while. 
I was at this conference when Bro. Greening preached this sermon, and the presence of God and the Annointing of God was definitely on this man and his ministry. It was an honor that the Lord allowed me to be there, to hear,and to witness the Power in his preaching. Lives will be changed and souls brought into the Kingdom through his ministry.

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