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Audio Sermons : Paris Reidhead :  The Hidden Things of God - Part 2

 The Hidden Things of God - Part 2 by Paris Reidhead

Topic: Church History
Scripture(s): 1 Corinthians 2  
Description: The history of the church from hillside to magnificent cathedral. Is it God's way, or our way? God continually reveals His hidden wisdom for our spiritual blessings by His Holy Spirit. This message shows that God often needs to get the structure of the Church out of the way in order to get his work accomplished. Reidhead discusses the Chinese Church (the "house church movement") and its success compared to Western Christianity. He also talks about the judgment hanging over the United States and of the terrible persecution that is coming (as Reidhead says "every prophet" in China or Russia has been prophesying). "If God doesn't judge America, he'll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah for what he did to them." He then discusses the "manchild" from Revelation 12, saying that it is now within the Church (the woman) but will soon be cast out of the woman. The lukewarm Church simply wants to get those who are wholeheartedly serving God out of its midst. A must-listen, especially for those who are aware of the destruction hanging over America.
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 Seeking for more 
Hidden things of God2 He talks about how Ephesians should be the epistle of mystery. The Ephesians had been involved in lots of sin (temple of Diana worship and prostitution) but now there were Spirit-filled Christians in the city. Paul had taught repentance toward God and faith toward Christ. These Ephesians were born of God and filled with His Spirit as were all in that NT who were considered Christians. He mentions an all-night sing where choirs and groups get together to sing all night. These people were experiencing soulish blessings that had to do with things seen and touched. True spiritual blessings are hidden and different. These hidden things of God are beyond the basics of salvation. Only those born again and filled with the Spirit (Christians) are given more by God. We must distiniguish between soulish blessings and spiritual blessings. God the Father (vs. 3, Ephesians 1) purposed to have children and to have children who would be in His image becoming all tha

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