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Audio Sermons : Paris Reidhead :  The Hidden Things of God - Part 1

 The Hidden Things of God - Part 1 by Paris Reidhead

Topic: Church History
Scripture(s): 1 Corinthians 2  
Description: The history of the church from hillside to magnificent cathedral. Is it God's way, or our way? God continually reveals His hidden wisdom for our spiritual blessings by His Holy Spirit. This message starts in 1 Cor 2, showing that the wisdom of God is revealed spiritually and cannot be understood by the fleshly. It then progresses through the history of heresy and apostasy in the Church -- ranging from Platonic dualism, Manicheanism, Augustine's doctrines of original sin and infant baptism, etc. A quote from the message says it all: "We had a Protestant Reformation, and oh, it did everything but reform! It was good, but it didn't go far enough -- it didn't reform."
Sermon Comments (3)

Paris Reidhead talks about the history of the teaching of sanctification. He says that the beginning church never met in buildings but in houses. They were not organized like we are. They were under persecution. He talks about Plato going to Egypt and learning from Hindu gurus about gnosticism, that the spirit was corrupted so God made a corrupt body for it as a prison for that corrupt spirit. The body is the prison of sinful man. Platonic relationships are relationships where you look but don't touch. Paris suggests that if Satan had known how effective Christ's death was, he would never have slain Christ. He says Plato was a liar and not even near Socrates. Essenes were a group that believed in no marriage. Plato's teaching which ended up in gnosticism greatly affected the church. Augustine never understood true sanctification but adopted gnosticism, beieving that the body is bad. This resulted in baptismal regeneration, the belief that children will only go to heaven after being

 Awesome sermon 
This is an awesome sermon you need to listen a couple times but I catch something new everytime... Its not just informative but could be revoulutionary if actually put into practice...

 Very informative 
Lots of church history and how it impacts us today. Well worth the listen!

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