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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  Don't Be Dismayed, God Will Not Fail You

 Don't Be Dismayed, God Will Not Fail You by Carter Conlon

Topic: Dependence On God
Scripture(s): Deuteronomy 31:7-8  
Description: Carter Conlon preached this powerful message in the year 2003 at Times Square Church. No matter your struggle - God will NOT fail you as you trust Him in everything. God will always be faithful the scripture says. God has made covenant with the Church as he did with Israel and His promises are sure. He is a sure rock and fortress in our times of trouble. May God bring us to total dependence on Christ and His work.
Sermon Comments (3)

 Dependency On God! 
This message really ministered to my heart. Oh how we stray so many times from simplicity of devotion of Christ. To have full dependence on God. He is our saviour, He is our life, He is our strength. He is everything for the Christian. His power is in us and able to do all things. Thank God for the new covenant walk of Christ in us. Oh the grace of God!

 A faith-building sermon 
This is an incredible message! Carter Conlon clearly points the way to the heart and character of our Father, who not only calls us to trust Him--He teaches us to trust Him!

 Never losing our day to day/moment to moment dependency on God 
Carter warns us that the danger is when we become the "man or the woman with all of the answers; when people are coming to us for counsel"...and we begin to lose our daily/moment by moment dependency on God. That is when we allow dismay to enter. We will make allegiance with things that make us look like fools. The Holy Spirit has to break our independence and pride. "God will use us so long as we stay small in our own sight."

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