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Audio Sermons : George Warnock :  Preparing a Sanctuary for God

 Preparing a Sanctuary for God by George Warnock

Topic: Sanctuary
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 What is God Working Towards? 
In all the dealings of the Lord in our lives, what is he working towards? His ultimate purpose is to have a kingdom of priests in the earth, a priestly people in the earth coming unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ, that full expression of the Love of God in the earth again ... therefore, the Lord will not let us get caught up in the present victory only to fall short of this ultimate intention, and often needs to push us towards that GOAL ... leading us first of all to MARAH - which means BITTER, to deal with the inherent bitterness which is in us as sons of Adam. So God has two purposes in sending (or allowing) the bitter situations in life ... to show us - A)our selves and - B)the Tree, the Cross of Christ ... for we realy do not know ourselves well enough to judge ourselves, but the tree is always within hands grasp. Show us the Tree Dear Lord!

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