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 A Lecture for Little-Faith by C. H. Spurgeon

Scripture(s): 2 Thessalonians 1:3  
Description: Delivered on Sabbath Morning, July 18, 1858Spurgeon here gives a magnificent exposition on "little-faith" and "great-faith." He offers some wise ways to strengthen your faith. He proposes to dwell upon the promises of God, associate yourself with Godly men, die to self, and go through great trouble. For, "we don't grow strong in faith on sunshiny days. It is only in strong weather that a man gets faith." Spurgeon then offers a striking and wonderful appeal to the "pew-warmer," which I am compelled to include: Do you want to get your faith strong? Use it. You lazy lie-a-bed Christians, that go up to your churches and chapels, and take your seats, and hear our sermons, and talk about getting good, but never think about doing good; ye that are letting hell fill beneath you, and yet are too idle to stretch out your hands to pluck brands from the eternal burning; ye that see sin running down your streets, yet can never put so much as your foot to turn or stem the current, I wonder not that you have to complain of the littleness of your faith. It ought to be little; you do but little. And why should God give you more strength than you mean to use. Strong faith must always be an exercised faith.
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