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 Beginning Of The End by Alan Redpath by Classics Podcast

Topic: Podcast
Scripture(s): Mark 6  
Description: Redpath preaching to students at Prairie Bible Institute and looks at the 6th chapter of Mark's gospel, specifically at the miricale of the feeding of the 5000. He shows how we try to do so much in our own strength, rather than being totally dependant on God. Have we given all to Jesus?
Sermon Comments (2)

 PBI sermon 
Alan Redpath emphasizes that our Christian life should be an "in and out" life, not an "up and down" life. In living an "in and out" life, we take Christ's life into us and give out righteousness. Around 90% of Christian work is done among 9% of the world's population. The disciples told Jesus (Luke 9:10) all they had done and then Jesus took them aside for rest and renewl. But then they had to feed 5,000 which moved Jesus with compassion and giving. Most people (farmers, fishermen etc) go out to find business or products. Most churches are the opposite, being "in" churches, not "out" churches. Sermon was preached at PBI. Christians should be humble and broken. LE Maxwell's influence is talked about.

 Death To Self 
Oh to die to our selves! God is letting all the circumstances in our life come to bring us to a place of brokenness that we can trust fully in the Lord by His spirit and be used by Him. This is a tremendous call by Alan Redpath back to humble brokenness in our walks and ministry with the Lord Jesus.

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