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Audio Sermons : ~Other Speakers M-R : Revival Conference Wales 2009 :  Bringing A New Thing To Birth by Alan Bartley

 Bringing A New Thing To Birth by Alan Bartley by Revival Conference Wales 2009

Topic: Revival Conference
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Sermon Comments (5)

 God Dealing with His People 
God is truly dealing with His people, He will bring revival His way. A great message from a man that has been broken by God & does not rely on Himself.

 I was truely blessed 
I was at this conference and as this dear brother preached from a truely broken heart I couldnt help but weep with him. I realize that a self confident church is the curse of our age and how we must so let go of our own strength, talents and abilities and throw ourselves at Gods' mercy. The scripture that challenged me all week was 1 Cor 2v3 "And I was with you in weakness, and in fear, and in much trembling." I was truely blessed.

 Good message 
I enjoyed listening to the tender and broken way this man spoke about seeking revival. I can't say he had any new insights that you haven't heard 1000 times before on this topic, but, there is a freshness to this message just the same.

 Sharing God's Tears 
Oh do we have tears for revival? do we share God's passion and heart for His testimony and Church. For lost souls? This message will challenge you afresh. I believe this message to be prophetic in many ways.

 Heart Cry for God 
The man of God is audibly broken as the Spirit of the Living God is upon the vessel to preach about bringing to birth from the the book of 1st Samuel. The experiances of Alan's own life, which since conversion have been a heart cry and burden from the Lord to see Revival come to Ireland in particular are the weapons the Spirit use to search the listeners heart. Oh for the showers of blessing on our wee land Lord! Break us and bind us up with your Love oh Lord. Get alone to listen to this one. Thank you Lord for stirring the heart. This man of God has been a great encouragment to my family and walks with the Lord. Come Lord Jesus.

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