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Audio Sermons : ~Other Speakers M-R : Revival Conference Wales 2009 :  The Holy Presence Of God by Yorrie Richards

 The Holy Presence Of God by Yorrie Richards by Revival Conference Wales 2009

Topic: Revival Conference
Scripture(s): Isaiah 6:1-7  
Description: Yorrie speaks in this message of the character of God namely His holiness. And not just an abstract message but it speaks of our experiencing of this holy God. This is a crucial message for modern Christianity, this was spoken on the 50th year of ministry of brother Yorrie at the Moriah Chapel in Wales.
Sermon Comments (7)

 Blessed to hear this sermon 
this word from brother yorrie was such a wake up call for me, I hope you hear this and have a change of heart too, God bless you brother Yorrie

 One of the Mightiest Sermons I have ever heard. 
This sermon is superb. I was at this conference and listened to Paul Washer, who was excellent and David Legge - God was there both times. But I did not come for this night since I had essay work at my college. I felt quite foolish that that was my reason, as I listened to the Holy Spirit breathe out of this man of God on my Ipod. This message is God-sent: straight from the heart of God. Know for sure that your walk with Christ will only change listening to this man if God takes hold of your soul and shows you who you are in your flesh and who you are in Christ. Both are vital. May God seriously touch you as he touched me through this blessed man.

 what is it to be Holy? 
This man reveals how Holy and awesome God is;by the end of his sermon I really had a newfound understanding of God and his Holiness. I know that Yorrie is very close to God. I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE truly understood what it is to be holy until today. If you want to know amazing accounts of how the Holy Spirit of God has changed one mans life and possibly even change the way you picture God and pray to God. Yes, this message is that good and I’ve never heard it anywhere else .and on top of that, this man is on fire for God! This is exactly what a God seeking person needs to listen to. This might be what you are looking for! “An exaggeration is a lie”, says Yorrie Richards.

 Holy beautiful presence of God 
Thankyou Brother Yorrie. I too know what Isaiah and yourself spoke about when you said "Oh I of unclean lips" when before the Lord, I felt the same way when His presence came. The scripture that came to me at that time was "My righteousness is but filthy rags in the sight of the Lord" and I sobbed and I cried "I'm sorry, thankyou" over and over and also said "Why is our hearts so far away from your heart?" He is so loving, so humble and so gentle. When Jesus says "Only God is good" I can say these are true words. So when an unbeliever says "I'm good and don't harm others I should go to heaven" tell them by man's standard you might be OK but exceedingly far from God's goodness. God cannot be where sin is just like oil and water don't mix, sin needs to be dealt with now and if it isn't, God has a solution for it it's called hell.

 Sobering emphasis on God's Holiness 
This sermon (though quite long) is worth every minute spent listening. The emphasis on God's holiness is so needed. I agree with the previous comment, even listening online, my wife and I felt that we were on Holy ground.

 Old-Time Preaching 
Truly this was a taste of good old-fashioned Holy Ghost empowered preaching. Preaching with unction and burden. Oh how present God was when this was being preached. We ended with 15-20 minutes of silence of waiting on God and getting on our knees before a Holy God. He met with us in a measure. What a blessing. I feel I will never be the same in some ways.

 Good old fashioned Holy Ghost preaching 
This is what I would call good old fashion "Holy Ghost" preaching, sadly I haven't heard preaching like it for a long time, where you are convicted in the presence of God. This dear old saint of God preached like a young man who had certainly not lost his fire. We need a return to holiness and the fear of God, this sermon certainly encourages that, I didnt want to talk to anyone but God after hearing it.

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