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Audio Sermons : Paul Washer :  The Authority of Christ

 The Authority of Christ by Paul Washer

Topic: Authority
Scripture(s): Matthew 28:16-18  
Description: This message, based on Matthew 28:16-18, is a word of comfort, encouragement and exhortation both to missionaries and to all believers. Firstly, Paul Washer explains how the disciples must have felt as Jesus came to them after his resurrection: weak, doubting, and so aware that all their claims to devotion had failed. Yet how patient God is, and Mr Washer expounds the blessed promises concerning the smoking flax and bruised reed. He then says that much of today¬ís preaching takes away from the glory of Christ, because it puts into the future what the New Testament declares is now. Christ said, All power is (now) given unto me. Turning to Psalm 2, Mr.Washer shows how and why the heathen rage against the gospel of Jesus Christ; but God mocks them, for he has established his King, and all authority is given to Him. We should not fear those who oppose the gospel, not should we be angry; we should pity them ¬Ė and Mr Washer shares his own experience when arrested by police in Peru. He then expounds ¬Ďthe Son of Man¬í (Daniel 7:13) in the context of Christ¬ís kingdom. Conspiracy theories? There are no such thing! says Mr Washer; man can do NOTHING unless Jesus Christ decrees it. Jesus Christ is king, NOW! 71 minutes.
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