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Audio Sermons : ~Other Speakers M-R : Revival Conference Indiana 2009 :  The Power of Travailing Prayer by Mark Greening

 The Power of Travailing Prayer by Mark Greening by Revival Conference Indiana 2009

Topic: Revival Conference
Scripture(s): Psalm 126:5‑6, Romans 8:26‑27, 2 Corinthians 7:10  
Description: This message delivered by Mark Greening is a powerful exhortation to true prayer and intercession that brings revival. With testimonies of God working just months before and examples of church history of such praying. With many scriptures given to substantiate this type of praying we are helpless but to say we have not such a conception of praying in our day. Oh may we humble ourselves and let our Master teach us afresh what it means to "travail."
Sermon Comments (13)

 This message brought me to my knees... 
I was completely convicted of my sin of pride and letting my flesh, my self, my will, my righteousness, and my wisdom have sway in a particular situation. Travailing prayer IS more powerful than spiritually clubbing someone over the head to try and convict them of sin. I'm so thankful for God's chastening; I know I am loved. Thank you, Pastor Greening, for this powerful message!

 Sign of Jonah , weeping, preaching out of love ... 
thats amazing! How do we combine this message with the message Jesus preached about the sign of jonah and what about what john the baptists preached? I really want to preach repntance in love according to these things...

 Convicting Message. 
This is a needful message in this hour of easy-belivism Christianity. May God shake us by the power of His Holy Spirit to pray till something breaks in the heavenlies.

Mighty message - definately a 'must hear'!

 powerful message 
thank you Lord. please bless Mark Greening and his family, for Your Glory ~

 A Timely Message For My Ears and Heart 
While I may have had a Pauline type of conversion, my prayer life has been lacking in the area of travail. One of the reasons is that I remember the cost in prior years. I am so glad I heard this today. I saw my selfishness for what it was. The opening question: If I don't care, then why should God? is so appropriate for my personal circumstance. Great message. Truely a Word in season. Thank you my brother. I will pray right now that all of us who have heard this message on this sight will be affected in such a way that we will pray for one another although we have never met. For all those who are online at this sight right now I pray that God will cause us to grow in desire to travail in prayer. My sins are before me.

God spoke to me through this message.Thank You Lord.

 Travailling prayer arrived in Romania! 
I was crushed by God's infinite love and mercy, when our brother started to pray at the end; I trembelled in the spirit, I was so convicted by the Holy Spirit, that I asked God to make my brother to stop praying, because it was overwhelming. God, make me a man of prayer!

 On travailing prayer 
This is without a doudt a very practical, essential message for us all. Very real, very encouraging.

What a great message! The Lord blessed my heart with this message and Call to Anguish (Wilkerson). We need to be willing to be burdened with God, ready to weep for the world around us, for the body of Christ and the coldness in our own hearts. God help our complacency!

 DVD Availability 
The DVD of this message can be obtained from:

 Powerful word 
I watched this live on the webcast. Oh what a precious message. God saving souls and Oh that He uses us! God give us a spirit of prayer! Teach us to pray.

Was at the conference. I have always heard of travailing prayer from old timers. I saw it while this brother preached. If your serious about being used of God to birth something in your home, church, town etc. hear and learn. Oh Lord give me souls or I die.

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