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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  A Message for America and Its Cultural Religion

 A Message for America and Its Cultural Religion by Carter Conlon

Topic: Prophetic Word
Scripture(s): Hosea 14:1-9   
Description: September 6, 2009 - America has made a tragic mistake by allowing the worship of Baalism into the House of The Lord. The god of prosperity has become the god of this age. How this must break the heart of God! The Lord doesn’t judge with any delight in His heart but He looks down on what was supposed to be His heritage and says I can't let this go on any longer! He absolutely will not let His people pursue a path that will lead to hell. God is calling His church to return to Him and allow Him to take away all the iniquity in us that would keep His life from flowing through His Body. When we get right with God the storms will come but His church will stand with His Glory upon us. The testimony of the true church of Christ will not be shaken!
Sermon Comments (2)

 A powerful message about our country 
This was such a strong message for us to take to heart about what is wrong with out country. I cried to see how we as a nation have completely forgotten God and how we have turned to the world's things for our strength and dependence. That has failed us and now we're in the time of judgement for our sins. I am happy that I'll be ready for the really bad times coming our way, and very sad that so many people don't know God and will suffer much. I pray that everyone who hears this sermon really gets closer to God each day and prays for our country. Only God can save us if it's not too late. God must judge sinning peoples and nations. How far we have gone away from God!

 A powerful call! 
This is a powerful call to the body of Christ in our day to personal revival. It is a message that senses the signs of the times. Oh for God to raise a pure glorious testimony of Jesus Christ in the last days. It will happen, lets a part of what God is going to do.

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