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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  Coming Out of the Wilderness with Power

 Coming Out of the Wilderness with Power by Carter Conlon

Topic: Wilderness
Scripture(s): Luke 4:1, Luke 4:40-42, Luke 5:15-16  
Description: August 30, 2009 - In just a little while God in His mercy will lead His church into the wilderness. The wilderness is not a place to be avoided, but rather a place to be understood. There is something of God in this place. God Himself will allure us there to speak comfort and strengthen us. He will take away all things that we believe He has given us, when in reality He never did. In this place God will deal with all that has captivated our heart and would hinder His life from being lived through us. In the wilderness the natural becomes supernatural and we are brought back to a right perspective. When we get through this deep dealing of God we are enabled to make the choice to be poured out for Jesus so that others can be grafted into His power and lineage. The lesson learned from this experience is that the power of God is found in those who will be given for others!
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