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 Judges And Jesters by Scott Hynds

Topic: Revival
Description: This is a powerful message on the repentance needed in the Church world-wide. There is much that calls itself Christianity but is nothing but a farce. Oh that men would see these circus's in the name of God and repent and seek the true living God. There is terrible deception happening in these last days!
Sermon Comments (5)

 good sermon 
Good sermon!

 Powerful message! 
Brother Hynds message is the clarion call of the Spirit to American and European churches. The fraudulent frolic that has crept into multitudes of assemblies is nothing less than a mockery to our Redeemer as well as to His redeemed. In a time when the redeemed should be given wholly and sacrifically unto our Lord, loosing our lives, and laboring in the fields that are ripe unto harvest, devilish mayhem has broken out as a plague within the sphere being called "church". Being so, the Spirit of God is grieved, and out of this grief our Lord raises up prophets such as this brother to faithfully hearld Truth to rebuke this onslaught of evil, and to restore the integrity diminshed by the treason committed by these beggardly cowards in their quest to tarnish the glorious Name of our Lord and His glorious bride. This message needs to be heralded in every church in America, as well as Europe. God bless this brother.

 A much needed word! 
Truely there are many deranged clowns running around tickling peoples ears today.

 A Need for Discernment 
We need clear discernment these days to just stop and claim the scriptures before so much false professed Christianity. The life of Christian testimony is so low and dying that there needs to be a stand for the truth. Oh how we need genuine biblical revival in our day.

 much needed 
As I listened to Scott Hynds teach on this topic, I couldn't help but agree with him. The "World Churches" (and I'm talking about all Churches) are in dire need of this kind of message to wake them up to their lazy perspective of who God is, as well as, WHAT HE can do, and is obligated to do, as a consequence of their carelessness towards the church and the people who are affected by it. This being said I can also see his perspective of preachers being too full of pride, to the point they are puppeting or playing the jester, even if it comprimises the truth of God's Holy Word. This I believe is a sorry state that preachers have allowed to happen to them, as well as the church they are responsible before God for. It is a scary thing to sell out God, because God does not tolerate this kind of behavior, and will punish them for it. I would like to see preachers get back to the original truths documented in scripture.

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