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Audio Sermons : A.W. Tozer :  Peace As God Sees It - Part 1

 Peace As God Sees It - Part 1 by A.W. Tozer

Topic: Peace
Scripture(s): Job 23:6, Psalm 85:8, Matthew 24:4-14  
Description: ¬ďPeace As God Sees It - Part 1¬Ē is the first 22 minutes of a sermon that A. W. Tozer preached on the night of New Year¬ís Eve, 1961, in Toronto, Ontario. The pastor discusses the end of the world, the end of civilization, the difference between the two, why so many accuse Jesus of failing to keep a promise of world peace, and why they are wrong. ¬ďThey create a Christianity of their own, and then they try to make Christ conform to their own, homemade Christianity. ¬Ö It may surprise some of you to know that our Lord Jesus Christ never promised peace¬óworld peace, peace among the nations¬óduring this age.¬Ē Christians shouldn¬ít blame the church, either. Dr. Tozer addresses a range of other vital issues including the state of Israel in this excellent sermon, reading from Job 23:6, Psalm 85:8, and Matthew 24:4-14. ***Note: Both parts of this message can also be downloaded as one single sermon that is listed on under the title, ¬ďThe New Year As God Sees It.¬Ē
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 Excellent Theology 
This topical sermon presents an extremely valuable defense of Christ's gospel of peace. You can also listen to this two-part message as a single, ininterrupted sermon by downloading it under its other title, "The New Year As God Sees It."

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